Saturday, June 21, 2014

Royai Week 2014

So, I heard it was Royai Week, and jumped on board :) I didn't do every day, just no time, but yep... here you go!

Way cuter than intended, but that's OK :)

Day 1: Stolen- a short and simple poem from Roy's POV
My vision has been lost,
But with you by my side,
My dream cannot be stolen


Day 2: Constant (tw: suicide)- This time Riza's POV. I don't believe this to be canon.

She pledged her life to him when he asked. Not like he need to, she would have followed him anywhere. He didn’t have to ask.
She never asked him to stick by her side, but she knew he would. They had sealed the contract of their trust after the war, in the burning of her back.
Those scars were reminders of what had happened. Constant reminders that two idealistic dreamers could never change the world by good deeds alone. There had to be losses and pain and suffering, but at least they had each other.
The scar on her neck from the events of The Promised Day refused to fade. The angry red was a constant reminder of the flames she had accidentally released on the world. But in the end, they still had each other.
The second set of dog tags around her neck were a cold and grim reminder. A painful memory of the fact that he was never coming back. They no longer had each other.
The gun in her hand made it a possibility for her to stand by his side again. They would forever have each other.

Day 3: Crossover/AU

Stargate AU! He takes O'Neill's place, and she takes Sam's :) (and yes, his face is all unproportional  and crazy, oh well :p)

Day 4: Opportunity

Some inconsistency, but it was written quickly, because I wanted to watch Stargate lol!

The sudden lurch jolted Riza awake. A panic clutched her heart as she looked around for the enemy. All that met her eyes was Roy and Maes who were sitting across from her. They were on the train back from Ishval.

The war was over, but her nightmarish life would forever follow her. 

Sighing and looking out the window, she thought about how her life could go on now, after all of the chaos she had caused. Maybe she would go back to her childhood house, live out the rest of her life in seclusion, she would have the opportunity to "retire" once she was back in Amestris. It was a possibility. She doubted that she would ever be able to live a normal life after what she had done. Hell, it was practically her fault that Ishval burned to the ground.

She glanced at Roy. He looked so troubled sleeping. 

"Roy", she whispered. She hated to wake him, especially after all that they've been through for the past two years. After another unsuccessful attempt to awaken him, she drifted back into a deep and troubled slumber.


"Riza, Roy, I'd like to introduce you to Gracia, my girlfriend!" Hughes had immediately gone from tired and dreary to an over-enthusiastic fool in love. Riza couldn't help but smile at him, and was happy to finally meet Gracia, happy that Hughes had the opportunity to live out the rest of his life with the one he loved. 

She had no family to meet them at the platform, so she had agreed to accompany Roy to his aunts bar in central the next day.

Before she left Madam Christmas pulled her aside.

"Riza, darling, you are a bright girl, and I'm sure you'll go far in no matter what you do," her rough voice was oddly comforting, "But if you ever need a job, or just a place to call home, I'm here, and so are my girls. Don't forget that."

"Oh, thank you very much, Chris," replied Riza, startled at how readily Christmas would take a killer like her under her wing. 

Madam Christmas's demeanor changed, she straighten up and with a devilish grin added "Besides, a beauty like you would certainly bring in loads of customers!" 

Once they were out the door, Roy asked her what that was about. "Oh, she was just giving me  a job opportunity."

"Don't think your going to stay in the military?" 

"I don't know," she looked down, studying the concrete sidewalk- something so simple but so beautiful. She let her mind wander through the wonders of sidewalks, and people, and the people that walked on those side walks and how they were so foreign from the dust and sand of the desert and-


"Sorry! Sir! I... I just got lost in thought there for a minute."

"It's alright. We've been off duity for barely a week, but you should make your decision soon. As soon as you can."

"I need a reason to stay," she turned and looked him in the eye, "I didn't just join the military for you Roy, or just because I had no where else to go. I joined because I, too, want to protect people. How can I protect people after I helped slaughter an entire race for the sake of a pointless war? How can we possibly consider ourselves saviors after what we have done?" Her voice was hushed, with a quiet rage behind her words. Her eyes grew stone cold as she spoke and her index finger tapped impatiently against her leg. Her posture was ridged and ready to strike.

Taking a deep breath (fresh city air, clear of dust and the smell of blood- something he hadn't gotten used to yet) he put a hand on her shoulder. "I need you Riza. I need you by my side. I've known you for a long time and you aren't the type to give up. You can help people. I have a way..."

"By all means, tell me how I can help. Because I'm beginning to think that none of use belong here anymore."

"I've been transfered to East City, and, as a state alchemist, can choose to take an 'assistant'. If you stay, I'll bring you. Protect the knowledge you gave to me... and if I don't stay on the straight and narrow, put a bullet through my head. Help me climb the ranks- help me become fuhrer!"


"Why? So that things like Ishval don't happen again! So that no one else has to suffer at the hands of those in a higher position of power! Riza, you know more than anyone the pain and destruction that Flame Alchemy can cause. Protect me- protect it."


"Why did you stay in the military? Wasn't it hard after Ishval?"

"Yes," she glanced over at the new Fuhrer, "but I was given an opportunity."


  1. Happy Royai day! :)

    About proportions... yeah, they're *that* difficult. I understand. They drive me mad all the time and often cause me to drop current projects out of frustration. XP

    1. Thanks :)

      Yesssss proportions *dies* I have also put aside many projects because of my lack of proportions lol

  2. Hi, I'm replying to your comment over here :) The picture isn't actually mine, it's from pinterest :D And since I'm not doing any sort of extreme cleanse, just leaving out excessive meats and sugars, I've been eating a lot of whole wheat pasta e.g. with spinach and garlic. Simple salads with no fatty ingredients, fish with new potatoes, oatmeal or smoothie for breakfast. Mainly just refrain from snacking unnecessarily :)

    1. Haha well, the Pinterest food looks great :p. Thank you for the suggestions! I will be sure to try them!