Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Skiing day 2 and 3

Day 2

Today was a great ski day. Clear skies, nice snow, and I didn't break any bones! The main downside was the wind.

Day 3
So right now we have stopped at a restaurant that I about half way down the mountain. Have you seen the Tumblr post thing about what an eggplant is called? I pretty much quoted that whole thing because our ski instructor is from the UK. I just used Tumblr in real life, and I don't even have a tumblr!

Today was a PERFECT ski day, it looks like a painting from high up. There's no wind today, it's just sunny and warm. We had some great runs, and went through the race course a lot!

Yep, those are pictures of me :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Skiing-Day one: the drive

So, like every year, our family uses our February break to go skiing. Today we are taking the looong drive to Tahoe; I actually love the drive up, because we get to see so much of California and how beautiful it is. My brother and I always watch The Phantom Menace part of the way.

;About an hour and a half from where we live there's this HUGE resivuior, and it's absolutely beautiful!

Right now I'm typing this on my phone I the back seat. We left Wendy's about 30 minutes ago with our takeout food. Oh! The lady at the register was named Wendy! So we went to Wendy's and got served by Wendy.

After we left Wendy's we passed a beautiful orchard of cherry trees that are in bloom. Well, there's not a whole bunch of interesting stuff that happens during a car ride, so I'll just post any more pictures I take along the way.
So... We finished TPM, and now were watching I Love Lucy. I'm keeping a look out for signs of snow, but it'll probably be a few hours before I see any.
AND WE SEE SNOW BARELY 20 MINUTES LATER, YAY! It's funny how its warmer here right now (55F) than it normally is at home (48F). Well, its going to be a while before we actually get there, its only 3:20 right now. Never mind, Dad said 45 minutes.
So we are back on the road after a quick stop to get some water. Lots more snow! We're listening to U2. Um... yeah, I'm a little bored, that's why I'm rambling. Um... So Lord of the Rings. When rose were in Switzerland this summer I felt like I wa living in the Shire! Oh, there was snow on the Alps, so we got to have fun with that. I'm really excited to go skiing. Maybe I'll bring my phone up with me for pictures.
4:30, still droving, 38F =D I love he cold! I hope we get there soon, I'm hungry!
5:20, we have arrived! Unfortunatly we may be changing rooms, but we're not sure. Well, I guess the new room would have a better view than we have now: a parking lot.
I'm really excited for skiing tomorrow!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

January Art~ My Version of 365

Like I said before, I'm not a photographer. I like to take pictures, yes, and I love to be in pictures, too. Photography is a quick way to capture exactly how things are, but to take a good picture? That's a whole unique art form. I prefer drawing and painting, so I've modified "Project 365"to fit drawing and painting. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to finish a piece quickly. I've tried to get in at least 20 minutes a day, and to complete 5 entire pictures in a month.

I do not own Narnis, Doctor Who, Star Wars, or X-Men, though I wish I did.
All of the pictures belong to me, don't steal them as your own.

Polly Meets Digory
    Fan art from "The Magicians Nephew". I figure that they are probably 13/14 when they meet, because a) they only go to Narnia once, and b) lets assume this is a few years before 1900: the ages would match up. So I had fun with this piece. Yeah, I know, no background, butIi didn't feel like distracting from them.
    Jan. 1~ 9:00-9:25, Jan. 2~ 1:40-1:57, Jan. 4~ 9:52-10:12, Jan. 5~ 8:10-9:07

Mutant and Proud... Maybe
So here's Mystique, and she's not to sure of what she want's to be. If I were her, I would be having waaaaay to much fun pranking people. Maybe that's why I'm not her.
Jan. 9~ 8:45-10:30 pm

Color Eye
I'm just fascinated with eyes. I couldn't decide how to color it, so it got a little bit of everything
Jan 10~ 8:50-9:10 pm Jan.11~ 9:31-10:08 
Mutant and Proud... Maybe Digital Copy
So this year I also want to improve my digital art skills, so I'm going to copy some of my pictures on Manga Studio. I'll upload the hand drawn picture later.
Jan. 12/ Jan?        1.5 hours total
3D Hand
I found a tutorial for this somewhere on Tumblr, I wish I saved the source. It's really just a fun exercise in shading. 
Jan. 13~ 3:02-4:41
11 in Summary
     Who doesn't love Eleven and his crazy taste in fashion. As in he thinks a bow tie and fez goes with everything. Sorry, the scanner cut off the top, it was just a Dalek head and *spoiler* Amy/Rory's tomb stone. So, we have River, a weeping angel, the Silence on the side (that was also cut off), the TARDIS (aka Sexy) Rory and Amy, the cubes down in the corner and, of corse, a bow tie.
Jan. 16~ 9:44-10:50
10 in a Summary
    Oh, Ten, he had so many adventures (Whoops, Rose's head got cut off, she's sitting on the "A" and holding a rose). Well, we've got Donna in her flapper get up, another weeping angel, Rose, the Face of Bo, Martha, the Journal of Impossible Things and a pocket watch, Lady Cassandra ("Moisturize me, Moisturize me!"), the Vashta Nerada, and his favorite phrase: Allons-y.
Jan. 19~ 9:55-10:22 Jan. 20~ 10:14-10:49
Shaak Ti
If it's not obvious why I drew her, then you obviously don't know who I really am ;)
Jan. 20~ 8:45-9:37 Jan. 22~ 9:42-10:05 23/24~ I can't remember what times Jan. 25~ 11:11-11:27

*The Picture I won't upload because it's awful.*  Jan. 26~ 10:00- 10:30 pm

Ring Lost In Forest Floor
So I used a prompt from here. It was "Brown Leaves + Something Silver"It's not done yet. I'll finish it by the end  of the month, though.
Jan. 27~ 8:15-9:45 pm

[Quartermaster] Older/Marriage
I was doodling and I realized that she looked a bit like Quartermaster, so it turned into an older version of her getting married. Who to? I have no idea.
Jan. 31~9:20-10:30 pm

 So, yep. Most of my January pictures. Some I didn't upload because a) it didn't fit in the scanner, b) they weren't worth showing or c) I can't remember where I put it.

So, and feed back on what I've done? I'd like to hear what you think I can do to improve my art. Unfortunately  I'm not in any art class right now, so I have no teacher to talk to, just other artists. But that still counts :)