Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shaak Ti Cosplay: Planning

Hey everyone! Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth like that... I know I had scheduled posts, but it's still not the same xD I have a million posts to check out now that i'm actually on blogger again haha

Ok, so obviously I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and I'm going to CVII Anaheim this April!! I am so, so excited, because the Lakehousers have a big dinner planned and there's a whole bunch of awesome things to do and I finally get to meet/see my friends and it's going to be AMAZING!!

Of course I'm doing a costume- one that I've been planning on making since I first ventured into cosplay- Shaak Ti! Yep! Finally doing it! 

My main reference is the TCW version (right), but I'm also taking inspiration from the film version. It's a little difficult when a character has two different versions that are so similar! I personally like the colors of the TCW version better- it gives a little more variety. Also, the Lekku have more defined markings towards the top, and I like that better. 

Another reason why I'm doing the TCW version is because I have the character sheet. It's nice to have an official reference, and it makes design sooo much easier! I'm doing some details different because either it will be easier, or just to add personal flair, but for the most part it will look pretty similar.

Another thing about this costume: I'm only making about 4 parts of it (not including body paint)
-Lekku + headdress
-Sash Thing
-Jedi Robe (possibly)

If I have time I'll make arm guards and ditch the robe idea, because it can get really hot with all that body paint on xD

Material List:
-1/3 x 1 yard of tan vynal
-ruler and pencil
-crimson, yellow ochre, and burnt sienna acrlyc paint
-Scissors and an Exacto Knife

-Silver or Gold buckle 
-Brown or Black belt (I may make this out of vinyl)
-Belt Pouches/lightsaber area (I may make these out of vinyl, too)

Dress (skirt/top)
-Reddish-brown floor length skirt
-Brown or black scoop-neck shirt

I'll possibly be making this out of carving foam, but I'm not entirely sure yet. 

-Arm Guards? 
       -wire, dragon's breath opal, assorted beads, silver-painted craft foam
-Brown leggings and Boots
-lightsaber  (I might make this and just do the hilt_
-Jedi Cloak + Gold tri

I'll update this list with links to anything I buy, but here it is! The start of my Shaak Ti costume!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

10 Prompts #6: Dear Future Self...

Dear Future Self,

Don't re-read this until after you graduate high school/ are actually in college pls

the rest of my followers: carry on

I guess, since this is a public letter, I should write about what I hope to accomplish by the time I'm in my freshman year of college. (Also i hope you're doing well and that you enjoy life, wherever you're at :) )

Did you get into Stanford? Or are you going to Cal Poly? Were those still your top schools when you applied? 

Let's talk about clubs for a second- see what all you wanted to do.

For the art club, you're currently hoping to place in the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards with your poem "Who is your God?" and the drawing "Moonshadow". I hope you won! (Or I hope that I win... I'm not to good with this time-capsule thing lol) (Update: "Who is your God" got an honorable mention!) Drama club's been on a bit of a hiatus, though, because of the play, which was soooo much fun!!

Did everything go smoothly with taking over the Drama club? I bet you, Muriel, and Caleb had a lot of fun running that in your senior year! Right now we're coming up with scripts for the show (it's the weekend that I was sick, after being told to write the "Paul McCartney Marriage" skit... I bet that one will be a hit!)

Sooooo dating... are you still free or did you actually get past the whole "yes i would like to date but no, it's not actually going to do anything beneficial for me right now" mindset?

Because it's still not totally beneficial for me right now...

Careers? Do you know what you want to do? Are you still set on being an aeronautical engineer, or did you decide to pursue something else... maybe animation or fashion or another type of engineering. 

I hope you made it to your black belt by now (currently a blue). Are you still involved in the martial arts? Is it still so important to you? OH! Have you taken up kendo yet? I hope you found a good dojo near your university!

Well, good luck in life, with whatever you're doing right now :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Prompts #5: What Do You Wish For The Most?

basically communism
I think, that most people, would say that they wish for peace when it really comes down to it. Why? Because "peace" means so much more than "we stop fighting". 

Generally, when "peace" is the answer, we envision world governments working together-people working together- to make ourselves and this world better. We imagine that the cure to every and all sickness is found. We envision happy families and successful people and no more hunger or poverty or untimely death and unnecessary sickness. A world where oppression is a thing of the past and everyone is free to learn. Education morphs from a privilege to an undeniable right (which is something that it should already be).

In a world of peace gender or race or past or future or family is not something that you can be judged on. Instead, you are viewed at face value for who you are, not who others want you to be. In this place, we are still as diverse as can be, but there is little tension. Opposing ideas are met with rational thought instead of heated emotion, government is run in the best way for each individual country, weather that be through democracy or dictatorship. People are not ashamed of - or shamed for - who they are, but instead thrive in a world where acceptance of differences is key.

Unfortunately, what I have just described is usually called a "utopia", and as we know from post-modern literature, a utopia generally falls to pieces because of corrupt officials. We cannot have a utopia because toxic people exist, and will never fail to exist. A perfect world is not a world. It is a state of mind, and to many ignorant people refuse to learn and change their mind. That is why, no matter how hard we wish, we will never have a perfect, peaceful world.

So I guess I really hope that I get into Stanford and become very successful so that I can do my part in 7,000,000,000 parts to make this place better.