Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weddings and Mountans and Colleges- Oh My! (AND KORRA OMG)

This title tells you 4 things:
What I did this weekend
Where I went this weekend
My search for the perfect college fit has begun
A reference to the Wizard of Oz, which will be the play this year!!
So... weddings...
My cousin got married this weekend! It was a beautiful ceremony, about 3 hours south of where I live.

(and this was written at the beginning of September, so obviously a lot has happened)

I went to Kraken Con! I'll be posting about that soon. I got my drivers license :D, and yeah... school, school, and more school XD  ALSO! At the end of this month I'll be testing for my Blue Belt!

I have been keeping up in my art, but I still don't have my camera, and my phone just isn't doing it for me. Sooooo maybe at the end of the year I'll just do a huge post of everything, or just choose a few of my favorites... don't know which, yet.

See y'all later!