Monday, June 16, 2014

March, April, and May Art!!

My camera charger is still lost, but my phone takes relatively decent pictures, so here you go... three months of my art.

Katniss '11 vs. Katniss '14


Winry ( I hate the rest of the pic so i'm not posting it :p)


Stargate Nails

Toph and Sokka being bros (for my BFF's b-day)

Stargate/FMA crossover stuff


A unicorn-riding mermaid waving to wonder woman who is on a pegasus
totally legit
you can thank my aunt for this unique piece

look at my cool hair piece :P

random robot thing

Sam Carter, at the gate, giving me feels because SHE HAS LOST WAY TO MANY PEOPLE THROUGH THAT THING


 Oh, I guess i am posting the whole pic. nvm. (ed is supposed to be leaning over the rail, and it dosen't even look like him. forgive me)

an idea being formed


 OCs from a story i never actually wrote out, but i will some day

Girls at a Convention

OC's for a story that is being written

So, yeah, not so great phone pics (and I was too lazy to edit them). Oh, well, here's my art from the last few months- hope you liked it!

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