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A page about how I review anime and a list of books/movies/shows that I recommend. I figured I could mash them into one page.

Anime reviews:
  • Unless said otherwise, I did not make or edit any of the images that I use. Most are found through Tumblr, so that's why I usually don't have a source.
  • I steal the synopsis from IMDb, simply because I am lazy and am known for spoiling important developments in the plot. Better safe than sorry!
  • Warnings and Ratings: because anime itself is soooo over dramatic, I have to forgive some of the blood and violence. On a moral level, you have to remember that the shows are made in Japan, and therefore have a different world view. Any overt Christian hate or somewhat iffy circumstances will be noted. 
  • Availability:  Most shows available on or Anime freak has both english dub and english sub options.
  • The characters section is mostly because I love talking about the characters ;p
If you have any suggestions for my reviews, please let me know!

Alright, onto the lists! 

Anime I've watched:
  • Fruits Basket: School/ Drama/ Shoujo/ Supernatural. Cute and fluffy. All of it's on Netflix and the sites I've mentioned above. 
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Romance/ School/ Reverse Harem/ GIRLY GIRLY GIRLY. This is an extremely girly show that makes fun of the Shoujo genre. Fluff. Available on Netflix and AnimeRatio.
  • Fullmetal Alchemest and FMA: Brotherhood: Action/ Adventure/ Comedy/ Drama/ Fantasy/Magic/ Military/ Shouhen. Defiantly PG-13. I absolutely loved both shows, and recommend watching both of them. TW: Blood/Death/Murder/Intense war scenes. Available on Netflix and (Personally, this is my absolute favorite show, second only to Last Airbender)
  • Hakuouki: Action/ Historical/ Samurai/ Supernatural/Shoujo. Not quite as intense as FMA, but still quite heavy on the action. TW: blood/ killing. Yes, I recommend this, but it is quite sad in the end. Available on AnimeRatio. (In my top 10 shows)
  • Angel Beats: Comedy/ Drama/ Supernatural. Somewhat controversial, due to the fact that these kids are stuck in a high school setting afterlife, and one continuously makes "God isn't real" comments. Good show.TW: death/shootings/blood. People "die" all the time, but because they are in the afterlife, they cannot actually die. Yeah... I watched it on animefreak
  • Free!: Shoujo/Sports/Comedy/School/Slice of Life.  Really fun, lots of sneak feels :p A group of boys start a swim club, and the show is about their friendship. 
  • Clannad:  Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Romance, Supernatural (and a bit of mystery thrown in). Very well done, and very fun. I recommend this show to anyone! I watched it on AnimeFreak, but it's also available through Hulu and Amazon and DVD order from Netflix
  • Clannad After Story: A continuation of Clannad. Not so much a second season, but a sequel. Cry cry cry cry
  • Attack on Titan: super good but super violent. TW: graphic violence/ deaths I haven't finished it because I'm waiting for the dub to come out. The sub is hard to follow because of all the action.
Other Shows I recommend:
  • Doctor Who: Goofy show about a bow-tie wearing alien who travels space and time in a blue box with a companion. Then it gets really sad and you will cry your eyes out. Then it's happy again. Start in Season 5 of New Who, then go back to season 1.
  • Primeval: It's a mix of Jurassic Park and Doctor Who. If you like Dinosaurs, watch this! If you like comedy, watch this! If you like cute nerdy guys, watch this! If you like well rounded characters that stay that way through the entire show, watch this! Ok, everyone needs to watch Primeval, it's really good.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Yes, it's marketed as a kids show. Yes, it can be childish at times. No, it is not only for kids. I love this show to death and it is my absolute favorite show of all times. Ever. I love it too much. It's full of earth, fire, air and water. The Four Elements. And epic-ness, and Mai, who is awesome. 
  • Merlin: I love this show, especially because it's what got our family into watching TV shows. It's a really fun take on the Arthurian legend, and I recommend it to anyone.
  • Horrible Histories: Ok, so this is a British children's show, BUT I LOVE IT! Just look it up. You won't regret it.
  • Stargate: SG-1: Space travel, aliens, wormholes, and a loveable cast of characters, this is the best show to ever air on American television. On any television. Ever. My love for SG1 will never die. Just watch it!
Something about my family: We love movies. LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. That said, here is my Top 10 list (and I include series as one space, because I can).

10. "The Great Gatsby" 2012: This movie was an absolutely fantastic adaption of the book, and it really captured the soul of the story. 

9. "My Neighbor Totoro": I watched this for the first time when I was 15, but it was my freaking childhood. I looooove it.

8. "Howls Moving Castle": Steampunk, anime, and a beautiful fairy tale all wrapped up in one. Perfection.

7. "Indiana Jones" films: The mummies still scare me, but how can I not love this epic adventure story?

6. "Men in Black" trilogy, sometimes "The Mummy" trilogy... depends on the day.

5. "The Joy Luck Club"

4. Marvel Films: I know, it's not one movie, or even a series, but I figured I could fit them all under one title. Why? They all have a distinct feel to them, and I couldn't use 9 spaces for the MCU.

3. "Back to the Future" trilogy: Time travel. Thats it. Oh, and I had a crush on Marty when I was a kid, so yeah.

2. "Pacific Rim": Giant robots, aliens, great graphics, and an amazing female lead (because, come on, we all know the movie's about Mako), this movie immediately became one of my favorites.

1. "Star Wars" series (I'm including TCW movie here, too): These movies captured my imagination as a child, and I wouldn't be me if I hadn't seen them. I used to live and breathe the SW universe, and I still do, a bit. 

Honorable Mentions: "The Incredibles", "Jungle Book", "Tron: Legacy" and "Spirit"

I looooove to read, so here are my top 5 favorite books/series!

5.  The Great Gatsby/ Fahrenheit 451 are a tie for this place.

4. "Sherlock Holmes" stories

3. This one usually changes. Not really sure what it is right now.

2. "Harry Potter" series. Half Blood Prince is my favorite.

1. All of the "Camp Half-Blood" series (that would be PJatO and HOO). I love these books. LOVE them. You know the whole "I grew up with Harry Potter as the same age bla bla bla", well, because of the way the Percy Jackson books were written, I got to grow up with Percy and Annabeth as the same age as me :). These are my most favorite books ever. End of story.

Honorable Mentions: "The Joy Luck Club", "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", "The Lost World"

Oh, there are so many other wonderful things in the world. I could talk about my favorite flowers or cities or people or smells... but I guess that wouldn't be very beneficial to y'all.

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