Sunday, August 18, 2013


I owe him my geeky-ness. If anybody asks me "what made you who you are today?" my answer would be Spidey.

You see, when I was about five or six years old, my dad and I were watching TV. I was sitting on the couch, eating my chicken, completely unaware of how my life would change. I was always the the butterflies, fairies, and unicorn girl. Comic books, fighting, and (can you believe this?) "Star Wars" were for boys. I was happy to be Princess Ivy Rose, Queen of the Butterflies (I will explain that, someday).

But then everything changed when Dad changed the channel.
The 1994 cartoon was on.
My life changed.

"Oh, look! Spiderman!" he said, "We should watch this!" 
Alright, I thought, I'll watch this, there's nothing better to watch.

There was absolutely NOTHING better to watch. Dad filled me in on backstory of the characters or filled me in when I was confused. *starts singing* "A whole new world! Shining, Shimmering, Splendid!" Pretty much...

I loved it, though. I don't know what it was, but something in my mind clicked. The next night I asked Dad if I could watch it again, and so we did. And almost every Friday night after for a long time.

So that is how I was introduced into the wonderful world of Marvel, and why I am going to "Wolverine" tonight!

I think I'll watch that new Spiderman show soon (Ultimate Spiderman or whatever. My best friends are bugging me to watch it)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

July 2013~ My Version of 365

Yay, finally got this posted! Unfortunately the setting on my camera washed out all of the pictures, so some colors are a little sharp, and others too washed out. I should probably fix that... 

But July was a good month! I think Zutara week really helped me focus on drawing, even if it wasn't my best efforts.

 Lust: Finally Human
Lust was such a great villain. She seemed to be the only one who had any sense of remorse in the end, no matter how small. So here she is, finally human. Once she lost her humuncli status, she did her best to scratch off her tattoo, but it didn't work.
Ok, maybe I just wanted to draw her and messed up the seal :p

Mara Jade
Because she is awesome.
(the camera really messed up the colors on this, sorry)

Zutara Day 1

Zutara Day 2

Zutara Day 3
Mom said that this looks like a top view for day 1, so that's what it is.

Zutara day 4

2011 Picture Recreation
I was cleaning my room the other day and found that old picture, and decided to re-draw it. I like how it turned out!

 People!!! Pt. 1/?
People, people, people! There are so many different people out there! So here is Part 1/? because it's an easy topic to resort back to. So, yeah, I like drawing people.

Rule 63 Merlin and Arthur
I was bored, got inspired, and then got bored again. So now we have this unfinished sketch.

Mara Jade Cosplay
So I'm just posting the eyes portion, because I'm not sure if Mom will let me post the full version (besides, I only did my face, so it's not that big of a deal.) I'm wearing my red wig, btw. One of my friends saw the pictures and thought I had actually dyed my hair! 

I used purple and silver eyeshadow (along with a bit of blush), purple, brown, and (only on the top) black eyeliner, and mascara. I also used a reddish-orange blush for my eyebrows.

 I used the cover of Choices of One as inspiration.

I also worked on my steampunk cosplay, but you already saw pics of that.

July was a total of Eleven complete projects, with 16.36 hours total! Wow, that's quite a bit of time!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

First Week of School

I have survived the first week of school! It was actually pretty fun, and I'm pretty excited for this year. LOTS of people there are hard-core Whovians, so that's great. But the people who aren't Whovians think we're crazy.

This year I'm taking History, Geometry, Anatomy, English, and Drama. I almost didn't get into the performing arts elective, but a few people dropped out so I got in! The school is known for the fantastic plays it puts on each year, so I'm really glad to be a part of that. It is almost guaranteed that I will get a lead/supporting/soloist role because of my past experiences on stage.

I have a few classes with Misti and Quartermaster. It's so cool to go to school every day with them! I've met a few people over the past week (but can't remember a lot of their names -_-). I already know a few of the Juniors from my church, and a couple of people in my grade.

My history teacher is AWESOME! He reminds me of my 8th grade english teacher: lots of interactive class discussions. He really makes us think about the subject, and makes sure we all get our thoughts in. I just hope he doesn't mind that I started a paper with a "Star Wars" quote...

So here I am, typing this on my brand new laptop, gearing up for the rest of the year.

God Bless!

(Oh, and my July art will probably be up within a week.)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Farmers Market

I love going to farmers market, there's so much cool stuff there! Here are some pictures from my most recent trip.

Walking down the street
These peacock feather shoes are really cool!
*gasp*Pearls! Haha, i love pearls.

I bought a new thumb ring

I love pasta

And caramel appels

Flowers! (haha, sorry for the messy set up)

beautiful architecture on the old theater

The parrot man

New rocks for my collection

So, yeah, basically a day at farmers market :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

So I'm going back to a real school this week. It was a last second decision, and thankfully there was still an opening for me. Yep, i'm going to school.

And two of my best friends are going with me :)

But I had a blogging schedule, and I'm going to stick to it, and still post reviews and art and all that jazz.