Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Azula (and Aang) Cosplay Pt. 2- Drafting Armor Patterns

Alright, part 2! Yay! On Wednesday Dad brought me home some old blueprints (he's in construction) so that I could start drafting my costume,

Ok, first I want to say that for lunch on Thursday i had only round foods, and I'm super proud of myself. Yep. ok, moving on...

So, I spent the past few days making the patterns for the armor. I feel very lucky that I got most of the measurements right on the first try!

My materials- I also ended up using an Exacto Knife to cut the pattern, instead of scissors.

Here's the pattern I found online. Most of my measurements were pretty similar.

I didn't like how it turned out at first, so I trimmed it up...

Next I made the collar

Pedicure break! I've been doing the same color since CVI...
Back/Front pannels

The whole thing!

Close up of the belt buckle- the fire nation phoenix!
I used a cup to outline it and cut it.

So, yeah! The costume's coming along great, and I have the measurements for Aang.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Azula and Aang Cosplays Pt. 1

Alright, here we go on my next big cosplay endeavor! I'm planning on going to Kraken Con on April 6, so I don't have a lot of time to pull this together. Fortunately, I have a two week break, so I should be able to get it done.

I also have to convince my brother to be Aang.


Costume plans/notes

Materials (already have):

  • Amour
    • One yard of vinyl 
    • Iron on interfacing
    • yellow and orange ribbon or some similar lining
    • velcro/clips (I haven't totally figured out how I'm going to keep it all on)
  • Mom got me this lovely wig in black for Christmas. It's perfect!
  • Black boots (supposedly... I have yet to ask Mom if I can use hers :p)
  • Jumper Skirt
    • Fabric choice 1,  choice 2 (idk which one I like better... what do y'all think?)
    • Plastic boning
    • iron-on interfacing
    • yellow ribbon 
  • Red shirt/pants (LIGHT FABRIC)
    • I'm planning on just buying and modifying this, since I don't have time to make it all by scratch
  • Gloves
    • I honestly have no idea what to do here. Funny, I hate having to deal with gloves in cosplay, but all of my major projects have gloves :p
  • Belt
    • I'll either make it out of leather or up-cycle an old belt.
  • Props
    • I'm thinking about making some sort of flame prop... maybe like this
My uncle is going to help with all of the leather work, and I'll keep y'all updated on that. As with any cosplayer, I want to add my own creative spin on the costume. I feel like, if ATLA were real, the fabrics of the Fire Nation royals would be very ornate- that's why I really want to use Jacquard fabric. I've also been inspired by this cosplay to maybe add some design to the armor:

Ok, in all honesty, I haven't even asked my brother about this. But he loves ATLA, so he may agree to do it. I honestly think his season 3 outfit would be easiest (and I also really want to paint the scar on his back)
Obviously he would need a bald cap, and the pants would just be grey/black sweats. The top would be more difficult, because it would need to be held in place... I want to go with a simple fabric, sticking with Airbender tradition. I have no clue what we're going to do about the boots.

So, yeah, tell me what you think, and any suggestions would be much appreciated! And feel free to ask any questions!

(and i have no idea why the link colors are so inconsistent...)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Anatomy Rap

The other day we were asked to write a rap/poem/song/story about the Endocrine System. So Anne and I wrote a rap! Actually, it's a parody of Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us"... yep, so here it is :p

"Endocrine System"

Endocrinology, listen up!
Where it is, what it does, what it is, what it isn’t.
Learning ‘bout a system that’s controlling all the hormones
Like the Pituitary, Pineal, Parathyroid and others
They’re up! Brain base, respectively, center of the brain, right around the throat
Somewhere above the thymus and thyroid. Endocrine, yep, yep, we’re not androids
Yup. Throat, location, this here is our thyroid, close above the thymus,
And they’re all near the head
Going down, I shed my skin and see my adrenals on my kidneys, and then, for the Women there’s the ovaries
And yet I’m not done.
Pituitary glands control all else,
The pineal glands always help you to sleep really well.
Pancreas, regulates sugar in the body with insulin
Parathyroid controls the growth of the bones,
The thymus creates T-cells so disease leaves you alone
Adrenals pump the adrenaline, rapid heart and breathing
Got ducts? They’re the E-X-O-C-R-I-N-E glands,
Endocrine go straight to the bloodstream, can they be ductless? Yes they can.
Ovaries and testes are located downstairs,
They control reproduction and they work together as a pair

Not like duck duck goose,
The kind with glands and duct duct juice
Spread it across the body
Ducts out here,
Now there’s the Exocrine,
Pumpin’ substance to the outside,
And the Endocrine, which keeps it all inside

Wait ‘till we go back, this is the body
These are the glands and all of their functions
So we put them in a song it’s the endocrine system
It’s the endocrine system
Wait ‘till we go back, this is the body
These are the glands and all of their functions
So we put them in a song it’s the endocrine system
It’s the endocrine system

Thursday, March 6, 2014

January/February Art 2014

Because I've been so busy these past two months, I didn't get a lot of art time.

Here are some doodles from geometry... 

I think it's time to re-do my TARDIS cosplay

OK! On to the actual art! Kicked off the year with one of my favorite super heroes- Storm! 


Sam and Daniel
Oh, goodness I love those dorks :p (Sam and Daniel from SG-1)
Listened to my Cat Stevens album while drawing this. I've always connected "Moonshadow" with islands/tropics/sailing, so yeah.., Moonshadow.
Greed Ling
Finished FMA: Brotherhood, and went to work on this.
My current state of mind
Captain Carter and Lieutenant Hawkeye
Idk how else to title this one... "Shaak's Favorite Blonde Military Ladie's Club"?
You don't understand how much I love these two
Al Armor/Body
Got my little bro into FMA, and I watched some of it with him.
Oh, man, the 2003 version is just full of feels.
But this piece was inspired by Brotherhood.
Well, that's it. Have a good week everyone! And pray that our production of "Into the Woods" goes well (thurs. fri. sat.)!