Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Alright, we survived the end of the world! Yay!

As you know, I'm a big Merlin fan, so when the last season ended with too many people dying, I had to go deal with all of the feels through fan art!

Every year, my family watches a movie series, so this year we are watching X-Men! I really enjoy watching the movies because I watched the TV series when I was younger. It's like a childhood memory brought to life with biscotti on the side (no, seriously, I ate a box of biscotti while watching the first and second movies!)

My Mom ships Merlin/Morgana so hard; it's like me shipping Zutara (MY OTP <3). But we are sitting there watching Merlin, and she's all like "He needs to save her, and then she's good and they kiss and she dies!" Well... I guess it makes sense. I ship Morgana/Mordred xD

Well, this past year has been great, and I hope that this one is better. Yesterday we went on a walk on the beach, and it was beautiful! Really cold, but beautiful!

I know that at New Years everyone is supposed to do "New Years Resolutions", but that never works, at least for me. But I am going to do one thing: Project 365. 

Well, not exactly. I'm not much of a photographer, I leave that to my friend Savanna, I prefer drawing and painting. I'm going to twist 365 to fit my interest and draw every day. Because each drawing or painting can take a few days, I'm going to do a collective post at the end of each month with what ever I have done. Ok, I hope that made sense...

Some of my favorite memories in this past year are my 14th birthday, Washington DC, the Spring Concert, Europe, CVI (I'll do a post on that soon) and Christmas.

Happy New Years everyone!