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Here are my cosplays! I'm currently doing a "Cosplay through the Alphabet (CttA)" challenge, so I have my list at the bottom of the page :) I don't have a character for "N", so if you have any suggestions, that would be great!

Characters with "??": Need suggestions!

Azula (Spring 2014- Kraken Con)

Buttercup wig in Natural Black from Arda Wigs
1 yd Black Vinyl
1/3 yd Red Vinyl
1/3 yd Off-White Vinyl
Red shirt and pants
Brown boots
Black Dress
Off White trim for Dress
1 yd black rope
1/3 yd red rope
1/3 yd off white rope

It was really fun to be Azula for a day! I wore this for Spring Kraken Con 2014, and I feel like this is one of my best cosplays I've done. There's a few edits I need to make to it, but I'm very pleased with the over-all outcome.Haha I got asked for a picture every five feet! It was really fun having my brother dressed as Aang, so that he and I could pose like we were fighting ;p I chose to do Azula as part of my CttA not only because she's such an interesting character, but because her costume presented me with an interesting challenge. I had never worked with leather before, and it was also the first costume I had do to any heavy wig-styling with. This costume was comfortable, but I had on three layers, plus the wig and heavy boots, so you can imagine how hot it was! 

For my Performing Arts Finale, we have to dress as a character and spend an hour and a half just being that character in the setting of a town hall. I'm going to be Azula, and have been doing an in-depth character study on her. I've made an 8tracks playlist for her, and may do a few posts as if I'm Azula, just for practice :)

Ahsoka (Summer 2012)
I stole this pic from Maegen a while back ;)

I don't have any links for this, and all I really have left of it is the front of the headdress. This was my first cosplay, and I wore it to CVI, which was one of the best weekends of my life :D haha I tear up when I think about it too much, and can't wait to see my lovely Lakehouse Sisters again next year!!!
I was originally going to use this picture for the "A" in CttA, but later I went back to do all new cosplays. 
Doll (October 2013/14)

Here's my Broken Doll cosplay, which I first did back in October 2013 for a photo shoot, and then again for Halloween in 2014. I really love this outfit, mostly because a) it's a fun makeup challenge, and b) it is absolutely adorable! 

It was inspired by the numerous porclin dolls I had growing up, especially my favorite one that I dropped on the office floor, cracking her forehead. I feel like that gives her a "well loved" look xD

I don't have any progress posts, but that wig is from Mystique, and I have a close up of the makeup here.

Mystique (Halloween 2013)
Red Wig
Old jeans (to make sleves)
Old yellow dress shirt
Purple under shirt
Black gloves
Black boots
Liquid Latex

Mystique was awesome to cosplay! She's always been one of my favorite characters, so obviously she was first choice for halloween! Making the costume was interesting, but not the most challenging one. Honestly, it was kind of relaxing. I've used it twice, and hope to go to a convention where I can wear it soon! The makeup took forever lol

T.A.R.D.I.S (2014)
 I actually never planned to be the TARDIS, and was going to be Fem!10 for the 50th anniversary, which was showing at the theater. Unfortunately, plans fell through, and two days before the event I was rummaging through my closet for the perfect DW shirt, and I found this knee-length navy blue dress, which I had worn for my 8th Grade Graduation. I pulled out some white fabric and drew window panels on it, slapped "Police Call Box" on some black felt, taped it all together, and *BAM*- instant TARDIS! These pictures are from a convention I went to with a friend in early 2014. 

Winry Rockbell (2013)

I did this right after finishing FMA. I figured "hey, i have blonde hair, blue eyes, a white shirt, and a black leather jacket. i need to cosplay winry."

i just really love winry ok

Cosplay through the Alphabet (Bold are Complete)

A: Azula (ATLA) [2014]/ Ahsoka Tano (TCW) [2012]
B: Bolin (LOK)
C: Captin Amelia (Treasure Planet)
D: Doll [Halloween 2014]
E: Edward Elric (FMA)
F: Fionna (Adventure Time)
G: GoGo Tamogo (Big Hero 6)
H: Han Solo (Star Wars)
I: Izumi (FMA)
J: Jinora (LOK)
K: Kuvira (LOK)
L: Lady Sif  (Thor)
M. Mystique (X-Men) [2013]
O: Oliviar Armstorng (FMA)
P: Pacific Rim (Gypsy pilot?)
Q:  Harly Quinn (DC)
R: Riza Hawkeye (FMA)
S: Shaak Ti (Star Wars) [2015]
T: TARDIS (Doctor Who) [2013]
U: Arisa  Uotani (Fruits Basket)
V: Vasrea (Doctor Who)
W: Winry Rockbell (FMA) [2013]
X: X-Men's Rouge
Y: Yue
Z: Zatanna (Young Justice)

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