Sunday, June 29, 2014

Friends Moving and Other Things

So, life has been insane recently.
More like this week has been insane every day from 8 to 12:15. Oh, the things I do for community service hours. I have 13 kids from the ages of five to 10 in my VBS group *dies*

To be honest, I haven't really enjoyed the experience at all. The past two years working there have been great, but this year we are majorly under staffed and it is chaotic. Ugh.

Fortunately that only happens in the mornings and my afternoons have been pretty enjoyable :)

On Monday I watched half a season of Clannad (review to come soon!). On Tuesday I learned how to make Jam and went to farmers market (so much fun!) Yesterday I went over to my BFFs house (I made brownies with her brother and then washed all of the dishes???) Thursday was another relaxing afternoon- a lot of Clannad! On Friday I began cleaning out the sewing room and organized my fabrics. One step closer for my cosplay room to be complete!

In a few weeks my family is taking a trip to Mexico! It's not going to be quite the adventure trip that Europe was, but I'm sure it's going to be fun :)

Unfortunately, in the midst of all this fun, I found out that one of my best friends is moving.

I'm trying to stay positive about it and all, but frankly it sucks. I'm so glad we got to go to school with each other this past year, though. That was a lot of fun, and I'm glad that I have so many great memories with her :)

Yep. That's about it. 

Well, other than Stargate. I love SG-1 so much and I always think "there is no way i can love this show more", but then we watch the next episode and it's amazing and praise the lord for this beautiful show.

My mom said that I look like I'm in love when I talk about stargate lol

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Royai Week 2014

So, I heard it was Royai Week, and jumped on board :) I didn't do every day, just no time, but yep... here you go!

Way cuter than intended, but that's OK :)

Day 1: Stolen- a short and simple poem from Roy's POV
My vision has been lost,
But with you by my side,
My dream cannot be stolen


Day 2: Constant (tw: suicide)- This time Riza's POV. I don't believe this to be canon.

She pledged her life to him when he asked. Not like he need to, she would have followed him anywhere. He didn’t have to ask.
She never asked him to stick by her side, but she knew he would. They had sealed the contract of their trust after the war, in the burning of her back.
Those scars were reminders of what had happened. Constant reminders that two idealistic dreamers could never change the world by good deeds alone. There had to be losses and pain and suffering, but at least they had each other.
The scar on her neck from the events of The Promised Day refused to fade. The angry red was a constant reminder of the flames she had accidentally released on the world. But in the end, they still had each other.
The second set of dog tags around her neck were a cold and grim reminder. A painful memory of the fact that he was never coming back. They no longer had each other.
The gun in her hand made it a possibility for her to stand by his side again. They would forever have each other.

Day 3: Crossover/AU

Stargate AU! He takes O'Neill's place, and she takes Sam's :) (and yes, his face is all unproportional  and crazy, oh well :p)

Day 4: Opportunity

Some inconsistency, but it was written quickly, because I wanted to watch Stargate lol!

The sudden lurch jolted Riza awake. A panic clutched her heart as she looked around for the enemy. All that met her eyes was Roy and Maes who were sitting across from her. They were on the train back from Ishval.

The war was over, but her nightmarish life would forever follow her. 

Sighing and looking out the window, she thought about how her life could go on now, after all of the chaos she had caused. Maybe she would go back to her childhood house, live out the rest of her life in seclusion, she would have the opportunity to "retire" once she was back in Amestris. It was a possibility. She doubted that she would ever be able to live a normal life after what she had done. Hell, it was practically her fault that Ishval burned to the ground.

She glanced at Roy. He looked so troubled sleeping. 

"Roy", she whispered. She hated to wake him, especially after all that they've been through for the past two years. After another unsuccessful attempt to awaken him, she drifted back into a deep and troubled slumber.


"Riza, Roy, I'd like to introduce you to Gracia, my girlfriend!" Hughes had immediately gone from tired and dreary to an over-enthusiastic fool in love. Riza couldn't help but smile at him, and was happy to finally meet Gracia, happy that Hughes had the opportunity to live out the rest of his life with the one he loved. 

She had no family to meet them at the platform, so she had agreed to accompany Roy to his aunts bar in central the next day.

Before she left Madam Christmas pulled her aside.

"Riza, darling, you are a bright girl, and I'm sure you'll go far in no matter what you do," her rough voice was oddly comforting, "But if you ever need a job, or just a place to call home, I'm here, and so are my girls. Don't forget that."

"Oh, thank you very much, Chris," replied Riza, startled at how readily Christmas would take a killer like her under her wing. 

Madam Christmas's demeanor changed, she straighten up and with a devilish grin added "Besides, a beauty like you would certainly bring in loads of customers!" 

Once they were out the door, Roy asked her what that was about. "Oh, she was just giving me  a job opportunity."

"Don't think your going to stay in the military?" 

"I don't know," she looked down, studying the concrete sidewalk- something so simple but so beautiful. She let her mind wander through the wonders of sidewalks, and people, and the people that walked on those side walks and how they were so foreign from the dust and sand of the desert and-


"Sorry! Sir! I... I just got lost in thought there for a minute."

"It's alright. We've been off duity for barely a week, but you should make your decision soon. As soon as you can."

"I need a reason to stay," she turned and looked him in the eye, "I didn't just join the military for you Roy, or just because I had no where else to go. I joined because I, too, want to protect people. How can I protect people after I helped slaughter an entire race for the sake of a pointless war? How can we possibly consider ourselves saviors after what we have done?" Her voice was hushed, with a quiet rage behind her words. Her eyes grew stone cold as she spoke and her index finger tapped impatiently against her leg. Her posture was ridged and ready to strike.

Taking a deep breath (fresh city air, clear of dust and the smell of blood- something he hadn't gotten used to yet) he put a hand on her shoulder. "I need you Riza. I need you by my side. I've known you for a long time and you aren't the type to give up. You can help people. I have a way..."

"By all means, tell me how I can help. Because I'm beginning to think that none of use belong here anymore."

"I've been transfered to East City, and, as a state alchemist, can choose to take an 'assistant'. If you stay, I'll bring you. Protect the knowledge you gave to me... and if I don't stay on the straight and narrow, put a bullet through my head. Help me climb the ranks- help me become fuhrer!"


"Why? So that things like Ishval don't happen again! So that no one else has to suffer at the hands of those in a higher position of power! Riza, you know more than anyone the pain and destruction that Flame Alchemy can cause. Protect me- protect it."


"Why did you stay in the military? Wasn't it hard after Ishval?"

"Yes," she glanced over at the new Fuhrer, "but I was given an opportunity."

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Brown- Haired Girl (A Common Love Story)

So, I got some really random inspiration the other day and wrote a poem. I think it turned out pretty good :) 

The Brown-Haired Girl (A Common Love Story)

Part I
I fell in love
With a brown-haired girl
Her eyes were the deepest blue

Oh I fell in love
With a brown-haired girl 
Her beauty it was true

Across her face, her freckles rest
Matching the ones upon her chest

And in the night
Her eyes would light
As she marveled at the stars

Tall and thin
It's hard to begin 
To describe the way she walked

Evenly paced
were her steps of grace

Aesthetics weren't her beauty, though
Her smile was much too wide
But it added a sense of realism

To the way
She laughed 
Or cried

Part II
I fell in love
With a funny girl
Her eyes were sparkling blue

Oh, I fell in love
WIth a funny girl
Who's compassion was quite true

Her jokes were often strange
But they were a nice change

The way she laughed
Was like a draft
Sending shivers up my spine

She smiled at all
 I do recall,
To even those who frowned

Her laugh would lighten up my heart
I had to love her from the start

Humor was not her beauty, though
her laugh was much too loud
But it added a sense of comfort

When she tried
To help
Us out

Part III
I fell in love
With an intelligent girl
Who eye's were not quite blue

Oh I fell in love 
With an intelligent girl
Who's eyes would challenge your view

She would share her thought,
But rarely fought

Oh she was strong
For when proved wrong
She wouldn't hesitate to change

Oh I fell in love
With a wonderful girl 
Who's eyes were dark blue

Oh I fell in love 
With an unusual girl
But this story is hardly new

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A very quick mini-review of SAO

You may or may not know this, but I watch anime based on recommendation only. Why? Because if at least two people I know like it, then it is probably good. I really don't have the time to go out and watch shows that I don't like, so it works. I try to find two friends  (irl or internet) who have enjoyed it, and then read a review or two (one on CAA and one where ever I can find it). I try to give the show a good 3 episodes before I quit.

I have heard a lot about this "great show- Sword Art Online- that you should totally watch!". So, a while back, I gave it a try.

I do not understand how so many people loved it.

Like, the plot had really cool potential, and the animation was good, and the acting was ok, but I couldn't bring myself to finish the third episode. And then I talked to some other people and said that it only goes downhill from there.

I'm not trying to bash this show or anything, trust me. I'm just curious- have you seen it? What do you like about it? Do you feel that it's aimed at a very specific group of people, and others just wouldn't enjoy it quite as much?

I'd like to hear what others think of it!

Monday, June 16, 2014

March, April, and May Art!!

My camera charger is still lost, but my phone takes relatively decent pictures, so here you go... three months of my art.

Katniss '11 vs. Katniss '14


Winry ( I hate the rest of the pic so i'm not posting it :p)


Stargate Nails

Toph and Sokka being bros (for my BFF's b-day)

Stargate/FMA crossover stuff


A unicorn-riding mermaid waving to wonder woman who is on a pegasus
totally legit
you can thank my aunt for this unique piece

look at my cool hair piece :P

random robot thing

Sam Carter, at the gate, giving me feels because SHE HAS LOST WAY TO MANY PEOPLE THROUGH THAT THING


 Oh, I guess i am posting the whole pic. nvm. (ed is supposed to be leaning over the rail, and it dosen't even look like him. forgive me)

an idea being formed


 OCs from a story i never actually wrote out, but i will some day

Girls at a Convention

OC's for a story that is being written

So, yeah, not so great phone pics (and I was too lazy to edit them). Oh, well, here's my art from the last few months- hope you liked it!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Con Notes: Cosplay by Strawberry Censor

So, first installment of my convention notes from the past school year! I went to 4 conventions (Anime iCon, Dickens Fair, a local con, and Kraken Con), and have notes from three of them. Yep! So to start off, here are my notes from Strawberry Censor's cosplay panel at iCon! (the main topic was makeup). I'm going to write my side notes in italics. 

  • Always wear makeup, regardless of your gender or your character's. Why? Well...
    • Pictures- it is easy to look washed out or for blemishes to show 
    • Character accuracy- even if your character doesn't wear makeup, using a bit can make you look more like that character
      • like if you have a round face, you can shade your face to make it look more square or whatever you need for said character.
    • most characters (especially in anime) have flawless skin
  • Makeup Basics
    • Keep your face clean. This is not only helpful in cosplay, but in day to day life, as well ;)
    • Moisturize! 
    • Use primer [I have actually never done this and don't feel the need to. I honestly think it's a waste of time/money]
    • Contouring/ highlighting your face can give a better illusion of the character your trying to cosplay (especially if they have a different face shape than you)
      • Just don't over-do it. Too much can look caked on and "fake"
      • this is also very useful for crossplaying. You can easily make yourself look more masculine/feminine with the right shading
    • Where to get makeup?
      • Sephora
      • Urban Decay (they have a 120 color eyeshadow set that is great for cosplay)
      • Really there is no need for brand name makeup, local drugstore makeup works just fine!
  • Face
    • Lots of concealer can cover up droopy eyes
      • an inverted triangle of concealer helps hide dark circles
      • Potatoes or cold spoons help get rid of puffey eyes. Just stick the spoons in the freezer overnight, and hold them over your eyes in the morning
    • Simulate puffy eyes by using lots of eyeliner and then smearing it a little
    • Use a spray to seal makeup
    • Use liquid latex for scales
    • Doing a zombie? Use diluted jello mix, let it dry, and then make it crack.
  • Eyes
    • Highlight your eyes
      • It draws focus to your eyes, and helps to avoid making them look strange in photos
      • you can use makeup to narrow/widen your eyes, which is especially helpful with anime characters.
    • Eyelashes
      • thin lashes look more natural
      • larger eyes means you can wear more lashes
      • they can either make your eyes pop or make them look more narrow
      • it is more comfortable to put false lashes a little higher up than you're actual lashes
      • as i am typing this i wonder "why do we call them lashes? it makes no sense..."
    • Using Contacts
      • Great not only for changing your eye color, but can also make your eyes look bigger
        • You can order prescription contacts from some companies
        • Get a prescription if you are getting contacts. Most problems that you hear of from color contacts don't come from the contacts themselves, but because they don't fit right.
        • Effects contacts can add a lot to a costume (such as white mesh or full color, whatever fits your character) but they can be hard to see out of, and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Lips
    • To create the "perfect cupid's bow", here is a good tutorial
    • To make lips look thinner
      • use concealer to make your lips relatively invisible
      • color darker in the center, in order to draw attention to the colored part, not the concealed area
    • To make lips look fuller
      • line lips just on the outside of your lip line
      • highlight on upper lip (especially cupids bow)
      So here I combined both- used concealer over my whole lip, and then used liner around part of my lip to create the "porcelain doll" look
  • Other
    • Guy Makeup
      • Thicken your eyebrows. I personally use an eyeliner pencil a shade darker than my eyebrows
      • No eyeshadow or blush
      • a bit of eyeliner (NOT A LOT) helps the eyes stand out
      • Nude lip! Use a bit of concealer if you want!
    • Eyelash glue is great for not only keeping eyelashes on, but putting any other objects (such as rhinestones) on your skin!
    • Coconut oil or egg yolk work as moisturizer
    • Use brown sugar + olive oil to exfoliate/ moisturize
    • Make a face mask out of egg whites
    • To get rid of stretch-marks / scars: put bio oil over the marks after showering

Alright, there you go, the first set of con notes! Hope this was helpful for any of y'all that cosplay!


Monday, June 2, 2014


So, now that I'm out of school, and summer is here, and life is good.

My last few weeks of school consisted of Prom (which was awesome!), Town Hall (my performing arts final, we all dressed as a character and had to spend an hour and a half being that character), scrificing my BFF in a rain dance (oh, the things you do on the last day of school ;p) and playing lots (and lots and lots and lots) of mafia!

Finals week was insane, and I'm not entirely sure what happened. I do know that on Thursday, after finishing our last exam, a bunch of friends and I went to the mall and hung out for a while. It was really fun and somewhat sad, since we won't be going to school together next year.

Oh, yeah, I'm going back next year! After a lot of indecision and weighing options, I decided to stay. I'm praying that I made the right choice... I'll be taking honers Chem and English, so that should be good. Yep.

On Friday my family packed up and went to my second house, where we stayed the weekend. My mom's side of the family came up on Sunday, it was so much fun! The tops of my hands got burned, though :p

Over all it was a great time :)

~Shaak Ti