Monday, November 11, 2013


Yep. Exactly what the title says.

I've started deviating from my usual makeup routine, sacrificing grey eyeshadow for teal and plumb for lavender. But that isn't really a big change. No, my big change would be cutting a good 3 to 4 inches off of my hair.

That's right, I cut off the hair that I had waited for so long to grow out. I don't know why, I just did. Oh, well, I'll just wait another few years and do this all over again. I also did a henna tattoo, but that's not really a permanent, or big change. It just looks cool :)

Obviously I changed my blog's look a while back. Steampunk, steampunk, steampunk. I just love steampunk! That is another change: I'm going Steampunk- Lolita. Not full time, of corse. I couldn't live without my jeans and fandom shirts, but after years of being one of the annoying "omg i don't wear dresses that's too girly" (ok, so I left that phase by the time I was 13, but I still never wore dresses) I have decided it is time to try something new and just go for it. So dresses it is. Lolita, specifically, because that's what captured my heart first ;)
Possible first Lolita coord!
Ok, so those are all changes biased on my appearance, are there any other changes?


I am beginning to look at colleges and majors that I may be interested in. It's fun, but a little bit terrifying. Right now the Academy of Arts in San Francisco and MIT are my two tops. but there are quite a few other cool ones that I'm looking at, as well! If I go into art or animation, I want to go to Florence for a semester or summer to study there. I would be only a 45 min. train ride to Lucca, where my family lives, so I would be able to visit them!

Unfortunately, I'm not doing NaNoRiMo this year. I was planning on it, but the Scholastic Awards are coming up soon, and I haven't even started my project! I do have some sketches and ideas, though.

So, changes, changes, changes. That's all life is, a succession of changes and events, one after another, I guess.

And pasta. Pasta's good too. Good lord am I hungry.

(Yes, I'll have the arts up soon. I found my camera, took the pictures, and then lost my second notebook with the times. joy. Planning to have it up by Wednesday.)

In other news, I'm still crying over Hakuouki.

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