Tuesday, November 12, 2013

September and October Arts


Found my camera, yay!

So this means... ART LOTS AND LOTS OF ART!!
Two months worth in one post!


Fem!Merlin Cosplay
Sketched this out for Mom, who wants to be Merlin for SDCC

Classic Lolita design page

Jason and Piper
A pathetic attempt at drawing them.

Grey and Blue Dress
Not entirely sure what's going on with her face.
Steampunk Lolita

I had a worksheet that had various emotions to draw your character in. 

Blue Dress/Purple Hair

Korra book 2
I was super excited for Korra! Loving it so far!
I really should have a title for such a cool pic... oh well
i am proud of the bones :)
The Sea, Land and the Sky

Attempt and Fail at drawing Mei... kind of
Drew Mei from ATLA
Box and Colors
I'm just getting bad at titling things.
More than a picture, actually... but you will find out about that later
Mystique Cosplay
It turned out great, btw


Korra and Asami 20's

Picture 2

Pacific Rim
My new goal is to draw a pacific rim piece each month. 
Inktober Worksheet (NO PENCILS ALLOWED)

Older Ahsoka
Not much older, maybe a few years after TCW.
Fem!10 Planning
Going as Fem!10 for the 50th 

Math Fall Notebook Cover
I also did one for Halloween. My math notebook's theme this year is Korra and Asami.
Royai Painting
No clue when I'll finish this, but I will. Some day.

So I don't have my notebook and have no idea if these pics are actually in the right month or not. I took my best guess. No idea how much time I spent on arts... probably a good 35 to 40 hours (Sep. and Oct. combined).

Hope you liked it!

(haha sorry if this doesn't make any sense I'm not feeling well.)


  1. Awesome artwork as always! Nice, you're planning femme!Ten? That is very cool. :D And I really liked October art picture 2, that really struck me. :)

  2. Thank you!
    Yep, I'm really excited for the 50th, all of my friends are dressing up!

  3. That 'Untitled' one is my favorite. The bones are my favorite part of the artwork.
    Oh and, love that RoyAi piece! :D

    1. *replies a million years later* Thanks! The bones were really interesting to work on :)