Sunday, November 17, 2013

Something Rather Funny

So I was going through some documents on my google drive, right? Who knows how old they were, who knows what was saved in there, so I decided to go through and look.

I came across an old folder.

I came across an old doc.

On this paper was a list of links.

No joke, one of these links had the heading of "Damn Sexy Man Walks By".

What on earth is this?

I was already laughing at the title, so when I opened it  I nearly died. Here's what I found:


I don't ship Murther. Arthur isn't a "damn sexy man" (in my opinion). I'm not even the type of person to say "damn sexy"... what on earth is this!? When did I put this in my drive? I was laughing for a good 5 minuits after I saw this. I still am!

Oh, the joys of looking at old documents

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