Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Days and Family Diners

One of the few trees around here that turns colors.
Ah, fall, what a wonderful time of year... not like I haven't said that already... But I love fall!

This weekend was great! Friday was Dad's birthday, so I attempted to make a cheese cake for him... but that failed. Fortunately we had a regular Safeway cake in the fridge! We had fun with a little celebration for him, and I can't really remember much else :p

Saturday was busy, but fun! Dad and I went to karate in the morning, and then I worked on my Mystique cosplay, and then I went to music lessons, then worked on my costume again... actually, I finished it! 

In our family, we have multiple birthdays in October-- my Dad, brother, and Zia Linda, so we have a birthday dinner for all of them. We went over to Zia Linda's house for dinner. Uncle D.L. had made gnocchi (my favorite!), salad, fried egg plant, and a tone of other food. He is an amazing cook. 

At various intervals throughout the dinner, I was getting ready for a Halloween party that Jaymes was putting on. Seeing my friends again was awesome! I haven't seen lots of them since the end of summer. There were quite a few impressive costumes! Syrena was Fem!11, her brother was Spock, Jaymes was Deadpool, Ollie was... himself...

When I finally got home, it took me past midnight to get all of my makeup off!

Didn't do much Sunday, just hung around the house and then watched Hook. It was a pretty fun weekend :D

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