Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 2013~ My Version of 365

Oh, wow, I'm getting this one up early! But chances are I'm not going to do any more art today, so yep, I'm uploading this now.

 Rule 63 Merlin and Arthur
Inspiration struck and died with this picture, end of story

Riza Hawkeye

 Lady by the Pond
Idk, she makes me think of Mary Popins and makes me want to do an old-fashioned spring photo shoot. Yep.

Mako Mori
I really loved "Pacific Rim", absolutely one of my top 15 movies. Mako was awesome and strong and not de-feminized, and I loved her blue hair and OMG just everything about the movie made me go YAAAAY!!! Especially the animation, and the plot, and the music and everything. Like, when we got out of the movie I was speechless for about 20 min. and then I did not shut up about it for an hour. My grandmother can back me up on that :).

Close up of the suit. I didn't have a reference picture, so I just made it up as I went along. It was really fun to work on! 

People! Pt. 2/?
More practice on drawing diverse people 

Rogue in Rouge dress
So I got the Rogue Squadron dress (yay!) and then had the strangest idea to draw Rogue (or Anna Marie, which ever you prefer) in the Rogue Squadron dress. Idk, i needed something to do and this happened.

And one time it happened with Asami. Idk i like putting characters in Rogue Squadron dresses...
Riza Hawkeye 2 
Because, like I said, I LOVE Riza

I am so proud of the shading on here its not funny this is the best I've ever done
 People! Pt. 3/?

The Tree and the Rock
Yeah, I started this a loooong time ago, and finally finished it!

Messing arround with my black canvas :)

Autumn Forest
Super excited for my favorite season :)

Winry Rockbell Cosplay
I found some hair extensions that match my hair perfectly, so obviously the first thing I did was cosplay Winry! I used my black skirt, white tank, and black leather jacket. I also borrowed my moms shoes.
(thanks to my Dad for the pictures!)
Some days she walks to the end of the road,
waiting for her boys to come home.
"Abby' s Mad..."
Abby from Primeval. Somebody must have tried selling her pet dinosaur... again.
(Quick 15 min. sketch)

Young Korra
I am so excited for season 2! She's probably a bit younger here than she is in the show. This was my first attempt to do a digital project without scanning in a sketch!

Because I felt like taking pictures of my action figures while playing around with my camera

Shaak Ti
Playing around with different settings on my camera

more playing around with my camera
My bedside table and cork board. I still have my CVI badges up there.
The purple lamp thing was from Europe. Good memories.
Wow, this picture makes my room look really pretty :)
My drawing stuff. man, I must have cleaned my room before taking pictures...
My katana. My dad took it out of storage and gave it to me when we moved :)
And lastly, My dress and skirt for the Italian Heritage festival!

17 total projects (not counting the photos), with a total time of 12.67 hours. The sketches take a lot less time!

Have a great week!


  1. All very cool! :D Love the Lady by the Pond/Mary Poppins one, the Rogue squadron dress, and the pics of your room, but they're all awesome!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, the Lady by the Pond is one of my favorites, too.

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  2. Oh my God! You love Riza Hawkeye? I love her too! She's like... my favorite female character ever! It's really nice to see a fellow Riza fan around. :)

    *squees over your Riza fanarts*

    Love your Winry cosplay, too! :)

  3. Thank you!

    RIZA!!! I love her so much! She's one of my favorite characters, too!

  4. BTW, now that I've finally watched Pacific Rim, I totally agree with you about Mako. It was SO refreshing to see a female character in a robot movie that isn't over-sexualized (contrast to Transformers). Also, I can't get the music out of my head. It keeps replaying in my head, over and over again, whether at school or at home. Every time I hear it, I think of those awesome Jaegers.
    My standards were rather high for this movie, since it was Guillermo del Toro after all (I've watched his Pan's Labyrinth - it was super awesome). Yet, even though it barely reached my standards, I still enjoyed it. Heck, I even want a sequel!

    Umm... more Mako fanart, please? XD I'm not very good at drawing.

  5. Yay! You watched it! I'm glad you liked it! Mako is such a great character <3 and I loved that she wasn't involved in an over-bearing romantic sub-plot. Haha, I loooove the soundtrack. I listen to it whenever I get the chance, it makes everything 100x more awesome!
    Yeah, there are defiantly better movies out there, but I'm a sucker for giant robots ;p. It would be so cool to have a sequel, but it also worked great as a stand-alone... idk, a sequel would be awesome, too!

    Yes! More Mako! I will absolutely do more of her :) (And what do you mean you're not good at drawing?! I've looked at some of the art on your blog, and you're pretty good!)

  6. Del Toro did say he wanted to make a sequel, but he hasn't confirmed it yet. If there were a sequel, he said there will be a Gipsy Danger 2.0, a Mexican Jaeger, and a Kaiju/Jaeger crossbreed/mash-up.

    Yay, more Mako! (Thanks. Well, when compared to my target, yeah. I'm only good at pencils and sketching. My coloring's awful, but I will try to get better by practicing more)