Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What on earth did I write?

"She wasn’t like other girls. In fact, she was rather unusual. She was pretty, sure, but not a Hollywood star. She didn’t walk with grace, but with a strong, determined, steady gate. She preferred off-brand classic lolita, instead of the major trends that most girls followed, and her tail was...

Well, I guess it was rather unusual, isn't it? That’s what made her different from other girls. She had a tail. And claws instead of fingernails and padded feet. And if you ever got a chance to see her back, you would notice that the skin was rather green and scaly.

Reading and fashion and choosing tea over coffee are all regarded as normal, especially when you are comparing it to somebody who has a tail.

Fortunately for our extra-appendaged girl, she had good friends who didn’t mind, and her peculiar sense in classic and gothic fashion covered her up enough to be considered... normal.

Well, that is until the black dye comes out of her beautiful mane of hair and it is revealed that it’s natural color is a dark forest green. Still beautiful, strangely unusual."

I found this in my google drive while clearing it out today... I'm not too sure what it is, but I vaguely remember writing it while I was sick. Haha, I could probably turn this into a story at some point. Or some art. That would be fun :).

Other than finding random partial-stories, I've been getting all caught up on the work that I missed from being sick, and getting ready for homecoming! I'm super excited for the dance, the theme is "to infinity and beyond", and I'm wearing a black and white dress. I'm going over to my friends house to get ready!

AND AND AND AND OMG So there's an anime convention near us on October 5, and my mom said we might be able to go! I'm super excited, and praying that it all works out. And I'm almost done with the next anime review, so that should be up soon... maybe.

Alright you lovely people, have a great week!


  1. Cute story. :) Yay for homecoming! I really hope you can go to the anime con, that sounds really fun! :D