Sunday, August 18, 2013


I owe him my geeky-ness. If anybody asks me "what made you who you are today?" my answer would be Spidey.

You see, when I was about five or six years old, my dad and I were watching TV. I was sitting on the couch, eating my chicken, completely unaware of how my life would change. I was always the the butterflies, fairies, and unicorn girl. Comic books, fighting, and (can you believe this?) "Star Wars" were for boys. I was happy to be Princess Ivy Rose, Queen of the Butterflies (I will explain that, someday).

But then everything changed when Dad changed the channel.
The 1994 cartoon was on.
My life changed.

"Oh, look! Spiderman!" he said, "We should watch this!" 
Alright, I thought, I'll watch this, there's nothing better to watch.

There was absolutely NOTHING better to watch. Dad filled me in on backstory of the characters or filled me in when I was confused. *starts singing* "A whole new world! Shining, Shimmering, Splendid!" Pretty much...

I loved it, though. I don't know what it was, but something in my mind clicked. The next night I asked Dad if I could watch it again, and so we did. And almost every Friday night after for a long time.

So that is how I was introduced into the wonderful world of Marvel, and why I am going to "Wolverine" tonight!

I think I'll watch that new Spiderman show soon (Ultimate Spiderman or whatever. My best friends are bugging me to watch it)

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  1. That's really cool. :D It's great to think back on how we would never think of getting into a particular fandom but it ended up becoming a huge part of life.