Saturday, September 28, 2013


I just got back from the homecoming dance! It was so much fun!! I went to my friends house before to get ready, and I did her makeup, and then her mom brought us over. It was really fun! Haha we don't hang out outside of school much, so it was pretty cool :)

WHEN I GOT TO HOMECOMING PADFOOT WAS THERE! I haven't seen her in forever, because she stayed homeschooled while I went off to Trinity, but iT WAS SO AWESOME TO SEE HER! She's like... the Padfoot to my Prongs (yeah, we call each other that :p. she and I just loooove Harry Potter, especially the marauders.)

Of corse, no dance would be complete without some of the biggest hits right now...

Oh, yes, I have soooo many conflicted feelings about this song.


And then there was this....

Yeah, I'm not to sure how that one got requested. I liked how the playlist was made: the students got to send in requests last week, and they made a playlist from that,

Ugh, I am so tired and sweaty, but tonight was great. Super fun. Awesome. *falls asleep*

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