Sunday, September 22, 2013

It is now *officially* my favorite season!

Because, you know, autumn starts on September 22, the fall equinox (which I think has a fancier name, but whatever)


*coughcough* so yeah, I'm excited!

In late September/ early October, we'll get our indian summer. Where I live, the three summer months are full of cold days and sunny skies, and it's just plain weird. Sure, we get some warm days, but most mornings don't get over 60ºF, so the rest of the day is pretty chilly, as well. Actually, this August was pretty warm, which was cool.

It's been realllly windy recently. I love the wind, and how it rushes through the trees and whistles through my window (I should get that fixed, though), and ugh I just love fall. It rained yesterday! Which was awesome, because I love the rain, it makes everything around here look so beautiful!

Now, I live in a very nice, nature-ey, beautiful place. Only one problem: the trees are all evergreens! We have oaks and pines and red-woods and all that wonderful stuff, but very few of the trees actually change color. That's what makes the ones that do so much more beautiful, though. Well, it doesn't make my fall any less beautiful in any way, actually. The foggy mornings and cold days and beautiful sunrises and sunsets and home made apple crisp and going steampunk are all worth it.

Yeah, school starts, but that's probably the only downside to fall. Even that isn't too bad!

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  1. Autumn is my favorite too!! I live in a nature-ey place too and we have a lot of evergreens. Autumn for us means hunting season, home-made applesauce, and lots of corn-husking. Although school doesn't start for me anymore, lol.