Sunday, April 29, 2012

Washington DC part two

Ok, so we basically spent our time walking everywhere looking at monuments. What I will always remember from the trip probably won't be everything I learned about history, but more of what I learned about me, my friends, and also all of those random things that happened, so that's what I will tell you.

At the hotels, the boys were on one side of the hall, and the girls on the other. Every night around 10ish, the teachers would knock on our doors to make sure everyone was in the room. I would normally be the one to answer the door. Almost every night, one of our other teachers would be talking to one of the boys across the hall from our room. The weird/ awkward part: he would be standing in the doorway with no shirt on! Like, seriously? You couldn't bother to put a shirt on before you answer the door?

We had to be in our rooms by 9:50 each night, so sometimes we could go from room to room. Girls were allowed in boys rooms and vise versa. You can imagine how that would occasionally get a little awkward. Nothing super awkward or bad happened, thankfully!

On the first morning, Emma knocked on the door, so I go to get it, she also had three guys with her. Jenny had barely woken up! We were all like "Leave!"

On the plane ride home, I watched about four hours of Disney Chanel.

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