Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Favorite Color

 Not enough people want black to be a color of life, but some how associate it with death, darkness, impurity and sometimes hell.

How often are people accused of being "emo" or "goth" for loving black? Or what about when you say your favorite color is black? When I do, I occasionally get odd looks. It is sad that people use "black"  to refer to something spoiled or lost: "a black heart", "black sheep of the family", and "black death" (unless it is called that for science reasons) are all using "black" as describing something wrong, something like death, something bad.

Black just comes across wrongly to people. My mom dosen't let me wear lots of black, just because of what people will think of me if I do. She sais that when and where she grew up, girls my age could not wear lots of black because it was too "mature. I completely understand her reasons, but it is time for the world to get over it's fear of black. Everyone agrees that a little bit of black (like a piece of jewelry, or a design on a shirt) is good, but people shy away from black nails, black dresses, and stuff like that. Also black is considered "sexy". What ever nincompoop came up with that, I have no idea what they were thinking. In my personal opinion: they were drunk.

Black should not be degraded so much as to be considered "sexy". It is a color that to me means: power, peace, serenity, and beauty. If you want a "scary, ugly color" go for the weird yellow-green that blonde hair gets when it has been in too much chlorine. Yuck.

God would never have made black so prominent in nature if it was to be associated with death, but then again, death is only a piece of life where we take the journey from our world to be with Him. Lets not get into that conversation. That will be twice as long as this post!

Any way, have you ever looked into a flower that is bursting with color, and then find little lines, dots, or another design made of black in it? Or what about a ladybug or cheta or leopard or a dalmatian with their black spots? Or have you ever woken up very early in the morning, and outside, the trees are black ageist the almost black sky. If you have never seen that, go to a neer by forest and camp there and get up at five in the morning. Nothing is more beautiful. Well... maybe not nothing, but you get the point.

But I think the reason that black is associated with evil, is because white is accosted with good. Probably because everything that is white looks SUPER clean.

Sorry about that, but I had to let the world know that black is my favorite color.

Isn't that a beautiful dress?


  1. I just want to say, that I completely agree with you. There is totally nothing wrong with black. Think of the wonderful night sky? And obsidian rocks ^_^

    (i'm not sure technically black is a color, but whatever =p)

    Now, the people who say black is their fave color just because they want to be SPECIAL and seen as all emo and different, they annoy me. But people who just LIKE black because it's nice.

    And yes LOVELY dress! :D

  2. yeah, it is actually funny when people say "i like black, so i'm emo." It's like: Really? you are emo because you like black? ok....

  3. Amen! Black is also my favorite color too! I loved everything you wrote here. Very true. Good job thinking outside the box:)