Saturday, April 28, 2012

Washington D.C.

Hello, everyone! Last night I got back from a school trip to Washington D.C., and I had lots of fun!

I got up at 1:15a.m on Sunday, got to school by 1:45, then left at 2:00. On the bus most everyone slept. We arrived at the airport at 4a.m. I was SO tired! We checked in our bags and went to wait. The plane flight took about four hours. I read The Phantom Menace novelization by... I think Terry Brooks, but I'm not sure. Then we had a 45 min. layover, then flew for another hour or two. Then we landed and drove for another two hours. FINALLY we got to our hotell at 8:30-ish. I shared a room with Paige, Jenny, and Allie. Paige and Jenny went to sleep right away, so I went to go visit friends in another room. Yep... that's all that really happend on Sunday.

On Monday we went to Williamsburg!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to go there since I got the felicity movie when i was eight, about 6 years ago. It was amazing! Everything I wished, and more! It was beautiful, and then eventually it started raining. That made the trip twice as cool. The buildings that were considered "mansions" in the late 1700's, and they are still large, but they are not that large. What is so amazing about them is the elaborate decoration inside. The marble and diamonds and color and the everything! I was just like "dude..."

Tuesday: Nothing really amazing, just Monticello and some monuments. Well, it was amazing, but I'm half asleep right now, so it dosent seem like it was all that cool. But yeah... I'll finish the rest of what happend last week later, and post pictures.


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  1. You didn't tell me you were going to DC! Cool! Lucky you...and it rained! Rain is epic.