Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A little (fat) grey bunny with no name

I was putting my backpack in the car, and Dad was feeding the bunnies for me. From behind the fence, I here him say "Uh oh. 'Shaak Ti', come here. There's been an accident."

I immediately knew that one of our bunnies had died, but which one had we lost? I went over to the cages, still hoping that it wasn't true, but it was. Our fat, soft, grey bunny (well, I think she is actually a rabbit, but whatever) had left us. As I begin to cry, I think back to when we got her the summer of 2010:

We are sort of an "on call" rabbit adoption family. We have three cages, plenty of yard space, and we like to bring them inside. That summer we still had one cage open, so we were just waiting to be e-mailed about an un-wanted bunny. You see, not many people want out door bunnies, they want them already house-traind because they can make good indoor pets. We take the rabbits that are just... unwanted. Either they just happened to not be adopted, or nobody wanted them. 

Any way, I was learning how to work the phones at Dads office, and was in the back shredding papers. Allyson (who was working at the front desk) came back and said "You have another pet."  I was confused, so she told me to go into my dads office room. There was the lady who got us into the whole rabbit adopting business, along with a fat grey bunny named Peanut. I knew that Peanut would make a great addition to Rudy and Ruby, our two other bunnies. 

We wanted to rename peanut, so Mom called her Kula Bula Bunny (after our cat), My dad and I called her Bunny or The Gray Bunny or Gray or Peanut or The other bunny... um yeah... an I don't know what my brother called her. So she never had an official name. 

She drank all of the water in the bottle twice as fast as the other two, ate twice as much as the other two, and was twice as fat as the other two.

She was inside just a few days ago, and passed away in her sleep. I am glad to have been able to provide her last home, and she obviously enjoyed it.


  1. I'm so sorry about your bunny. *hugs* She sounds like a really nice pet.

  2. :'( So sorry. She sounds so nice... RIP

  3. Aw that's really too bad :( It's good you made her last home nice though.

  4. Aw! poor fat grey bunny! Well, it's a good thing that she was happy in her home! :)