Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On my Friends: Momo/ Syrena the Mermaid

Ok, so most of you read the POTC blog that some of my friends and I do. Momo/ Syrena the Mermaid is one of  my real life best friends.

What makes her such a great friend? Well... she and I have a lot in common. We laugh at the same things,  like the same books, both freak out about almost nothing, she has a great sense of humor, and is a little spazy. That's what makes her so fun to be around. But what makes her such a good friend? She is always there, encouraging those around her, and strong in her faith in God. She knows the difference between right and wrong, and when it's time to stop teasing/ laughing/ being silly.

How to sum Syrena up in one sentence: Syrena is an amazing person, one of my best friends, and though she is normally quiet, is the one who screams out "HER CRUSH!" for the world to hear.

I should explain about the "crush" statement: Tonight in youth group I was talking to RC/MysticalShadow about boys and friends who have crushes on Paul McCartney (I'll explain later), and then I decided to pul up a picture of the guy I like (no, I am not a creepy stalker, we were in a performance together, and so I have a couple pics of us from that). We are talking about him for a few minutes, then some more friends join in. Syrena is talking to her older brother this whole time.

Anyway, a group of about five of us is sitting on a couch, then she comes over and we talk about guys (just have to say: this is like seeing purple trees, we never talk about guys) and, yeah. So there we are, having this conversation, and my iPads screen is still zoomed in on his face. Our youth leader, Alex, comes over and asks whats up. All with in the same 30 seconds, MysticalShadow slams the cover down on my iPad, Alex asks what the picture on the screen was, and Syrena, who would normally never respond, screams out for all the world to hear "HER CRUSH!"... then she realizes she has said that out loud, and i slam my iPad on my head, and... um... that was super awkward, and we (yes, including me) were laughing our heads off.

As you can see, she is the perfect friend.

My friend Sierra e-mailed this to me. I thought it fit.

Some random pictures from my Grand's house:

Her cat, Pretty Kitty! (Whom I call Kitty Pretty)

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