Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Anime iCon

Ok, first things first: I have had an absolutely fantastic weekend! On Friday I went to the aquarium with Ollie and Jaymes, and then to the comic book store where I bought my first comic! Yep, I decided that it is time for me to step into the world of actual comic books. Jaymes helped me find where to start, and I ended up going with Spider-Man (fitting, since it was Spidey that got me into the geek world). On Saturday I went to Sierras house (my bff from 8th grade) for a movie night. I met another of her friends, Kiera, and we bonded over fandoms and ships!

Down town after the comic shop
Dad brought me to the anime convention on Sunday! It's funny how it all worked out- a few weeks ago I found out about Kracken Con up in San Francisco, but because of previously planned events, it didn't work out. Earlier this week (or I guess it's last week now) I looked up more cons, and there happened to be one RIGHT IN MY HOME TOWN! Crazy, right? I wore my Winery cosplay. I was worried that my hair extensions would fall out, but they worked great!

So we didn't know for sure if we would make it until this morning. We dropped my brother off at a friends house so they could go to the walk for diabetes together, and then Dad and I headed over to the conference center. There weren't many people there, but that's no surprise, since it's the last day of the con. I bet most of the people were locals. Actually, there were probably 30 of us at most. It was cool getting to talk to some other anime fans :)

When we got there he bought me my ticket, and then we checked the times for the panels. The one that I had really wanted to go to (character development) had been moved, so he and I went for lunch.

After we ate we went back to the con center, and I caught the last half of a voice acting panel. It was really funny, and I totally connected with what the guy was talking about. Singing and acting can put you in some crazy circumstances! Once the panel ended, I went to the artist ally for a few minutes to look around. On the way to the Cosplay panel I got a picture of a Fionna (from Adventure Time).

It was the first time anyone had asked to take a picture of her in cosplay! It was so funny how she reacted, almost just like I did when I was at CVI..."Me? You want a picture of my cosplay! You actually think I'm that good!? How do you want me to posewhereshouldistandwhatdoido alksdhfa;lkjs THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

After taking her picture (gah isn't she just a perfect Fionna!) we went into the cosplay panel, hosted by StrawberryCensor. It was on Cosplay makeup. They had lots of great tips, and after I go through my notes and sort them out, I'll post what I learned. After their panel, they were out in the lobby signing and giving out prints! I went over, and while sighing my print, one of the girls asked if I had cosplayed before or if I had any plans to. I told her about my plans for Mystique, and she gave me some tips for it! I had no idea of how to do the scales, and she explained how to use and shape liquid latex. They were all really sweet :) I'm so glad I got to meet them in person!

After getting the signed print, I went into the artist's ally, and there was a girl dressed as Rose from Homestuck.

What's with all the perfect cosplays at this place?
Finally! Time for the character development panel! This is what I had come to the convention for! You see, I'm working on a project (it's a secret, even my parents don't know anything about it, other than the few sketches I've shown them) and I needed some help with characterization. Here is the artist that hosted the panel. He talked about the art industry, and the importance of being able to draw traditionally. He went to the art university that I want to go to, so that was really cool! Later I'll post my notes from his panel.

Alright, I guess that's it! Have a great day, everyone!

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