Friday, August 3, 2012

A few pics from Europe

Bike in Lucca
Wall in Dabrovnik
Entering Venice
Gondolas in Venice
Grand Cannel
Leaving Vennice
Berries at Guido's garden
Roman Forum

So here are a few of the pictures from Europe! I promise I will upload more later, but I have 650 photos that I need to go through, delete bad ones, edit, take out red eye, and then find the ones I want to post. Also, its been reallllllllllly busy for me lately, between VBS (I had 7 kids in my group!), CVI planning, making my costume for CVI, family visiting, and school starting (OMG I'm starting high school!), I dont have a whole lot of time to do any of the photos. I'll try and get to it soon, though.

I have close to 200 ATLA/LOK pics on my iPad. Its crazy! I cannot wait for next season. CANNOT WAIT! NOw every time I drink tea (like right now) I always think of something Iroh would say, in his confusing way of being wise.

Zuko: Anakin, Katara: Padme... in this picture, my ship is real!!

Doctor Who

They said that Amy and Rory would have a "heart-breaking departure". For most TV shows, that means they are off the show. For DW, there will be some HUGE tragedy (like being transported to another dimension, getting your mind almost blown up, having to forget who you are...) that will leave me depressed for DAYS!

Avengers/Super Heros

Yeah, I couldn't get any more original that the poster
I love, love LOVE Marvel Super heros! I went to "Spider-Man" with the girls fromm my POTC blog (Syrena, Mystical Shadow, and Quater Master)  last Wednesday, and then we went to Syrena's house and watched Thor, while we attempted to do yoga... we were a little more interested in the movie. I went to see The Avengers" with my dad and brother, and it is now one of my favorite movies ever!

Season 1 preview

Sorry for the bad quality, it was tho only one I could find. Merlin season 5.

I am a HUGE merlin fan, all thanks to my Mom, who is CRAZY about it! I cant wait for next season, which I think will overlap with Doctor Who. I love BBC si-fi/fantasy!

Jane Austin

Actually, I'm not the big fan, but my friend Emmy who just moved to the East Coast. I'm doing this in honor of her. I'm not a big Jane Austin person. Her stories are great, true, but its just not my thing. I do love watching the movie adaptions of her book, though, when I'm in the "I want to watch a really girly chick-flick that is nothing more that a love story" mood. Emmy, on the other hand quotes it constantly! I love how Emmy always is talking about Jane Austin, and then she can switch to Doctor Who with no warning. 

 That scene! I love his so completely love confession to her (which isnt that scene, but whatever)

Ok, my brother is begging me to get off. Bye!


  1. Great pictures! The pic of the bike looks REALLY good, and Venice looks cool! Good luck with the rest of your costume and the other things you are doing!

  2. WHOA. Some INCREDIBLE photos there! I applaud you!!

  3. Thanks! I'm almost done with my costume! I'll post more Europe pics later, probably next month.