Sunday, August 19, 2012

7 lies about home schoolers

(Before you read this post, you should probably watch the video!)

Background on my home schooled life: I went to school for PreK-3rd grade, home schooled 4th-7th grade, and then went back to the same school for 8th grade. Next year for 9th grade I'm going to do independent study (extra points if you know what that is!)  and then for the rest of high school I'll be going to a Christian school about 45 min. away from where I live.

This post is just going to be my comments on this video.

7. Home schoolers are really sheltered.

Maybe I was sheltered, but not that much. I actually was pretty up-to-speed with the op culture stuff. But that dosent mean that I liked it (although, I loved Lady Gaga and *gags* Justin Bieber in 6th grade. I wend through this weird pop phase.) I read a lot of books, and I went to see lots and lots and lots of movies. I have lots of friends who really know whats going on in the outside world, so I learned plenty of stuff. So yes, I was sheltered, but my parents knew what a healthy exposure to the world was. I also think that I could do pretty well in a creation/evolution debate thanks to the Jonathan Park CDs and my youth pastor.

6. Go to church every day.

Yes, I went to church on Sunday and Tuesday and Wednesday and occasionally Friday, but thats not weird is it? NO, just kidding. I was involved with two youth groups, so thats why I went on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday was just for special events. But, I have to say that most of the middle schoolers in both groups were home schooled!

5. Home schoolers dont actually do school.

I hate to brag, but if I didn't pay attention and do school during homeschool, then how did I get honors both semesters when I went back to a private Catholic school that is one of the top schools in our area? Please, if I didn't do school in homeschool, I probably wouldn't have been accepted!

4. Have no friends.

Actually, being home schooled made me much more outgoing, and I made lots of friends! That independence that I learned during homeschool also helped me in 8th grade to win 3rd place in the county Science Fair and getting a solo in the spring concert. I was willing to step out and talk to people.

3. Really Shy.

Some people are shy just because thats who they are, so you probably will find shy home schoolers! But I personally am NOT shy. Like i said before, I'm comfortable talking to people I don't know.

2. No lives

Um... how will home schooling make me have no life! I had a bussier schedule when I was home schooled than I did when I was in school!

M-friends over
T-Horseback riding/ karate/ youth group (7th grade)
W- Youth group (6th/7th grade)
Th-Horseback riding/Karate
Fri-Horse back riding (5th grade)/ Park day

T-School/youth group

Yeah... home schooling really makes you have no life <- (you do get the sarcasm right!)

1. Do school in pajamas.

Fat chance! My mom made me wear a uniform in 4th and 5th grade! Yeah, eventually (half way through 5th) OB and I convinced her that there was no reason to wear a uniform in homeschool! So for the rest of the home schooling years, I dressed like a normal person.

So, yeah, that was how home school worked for me!


  1. i think homeschooling is a good idea. i think you get more time with your parnets instead of like having a nanny look after you all the time. i have a friend who was homeschooled and she's the most outoging person i know. ;)

  2. I love the fact that I was homeschooled. It just bugs me when people look at me and treat me as if all seven of these stereotypes are true. What a bugger! Oh, and I went part time to public school too, so I know for sure that homeschooling is better for me.

  3. I love love love love love these videos! He is great!

    I was homeschooled, and I still have friends and a life! And the going to church everyday made me laugh. I used to go to a homeschool co-op at my church, but that wasn't everyday! And church Wednesday and Sunday, but I can't believe some people think we go everyday. Thanks for sharing this video! I saw it a few months ago but couldnt remember the name!! Messy Mondays! =)

  4. Great post :D I agree, those stereotypes are very annoying; especially the one about having no life- I definitely have a life and I like it :). I am glad to be Homeschooled since it works very well for me. Another thing that gets on my nerves a little bit is that people think that only Christians are homeschooled- I'm a Christian, yes, and a liberal, but two of my friends who are homeschooled are atheist and I know two girls who are agnostic. Homeschoolers definitely come in a wide variety and that's why it's so great :D