Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The past few days I've been staying over at Grands house, and during that time I wrote three poems. Of corse, creativity doesn't strike me until it's almost midnight, so there might be a line or two that makes no sense.

Here's the first poem, it makes me think of the Doctor!

Planet by Shaak Ti/ Aithusa

I know something kind of funny,
Though others think it tragic.
The world will keep on turning,
As if it's spun by magic.

But I know that there is no string,
No rope,
No bind,
No ring.
They say it's "gravity", I know it's not.

You see, I think it's funny,
all the people in my hand.
And what if I were to drop it,
Where would it land?

I hold the world, Yes it's true,
I hold it in my hand.
No "gravity" would save it,
If I chose to let it go.
No string is there to hold it by,
No bind from earth to sky,
No ring to keep it on its orbit,
Just me.
Lonely me.
Holding a planet in my hand.

These next two are pretty much the same, just different POVs.

Moon POV by Shaak Ti/ Aithusa

Oh, the sun,
He burns so bright,
He shows himself with his own light.
But I, the moon,
Reflect my love,
And softly glow in the sky's above.

All below look away,
When the Sun brightens the day.
But when I rise, they stare,
And none will care,
When I do slip away.

Our dance is quick,
A fleeting glance,
A moment quickly slips on past.
I will rise, and he will set,
And go on into the west.

I, the moon,
Shall dance with him.
And when the worlds will end,
Our dance will be slow,
The music soft,
And not quickly come to end.

I, the moon, will dance with him,
And my light will not be soft.

Sun POV by Shaak Ti/ Aithusa

Oh, the moon,
Her light so soft,
Will show herself by night.
But I, the sun,
Will send her my love,
Into the reflecting light.

All below look to her,
And whisper at her beauty,
Her silver glow,
On winter snow,
Will melt the coldest heart.
And to travelers wide,
Shall be their guide,
In selfless kindness.

Our dance so quick,
Can it not last?
But it's gone in just a moment.
When I rise, she will set,
All will quickly vanish.

I, the Sun,
Will dance with her.
In the end,
Our paths will bend,
And put us hand in hand.
The world may die,
But us in the sky
Will dance on with day and night collided.

I, the Sun, will dance with her,
And reflections will not be needed.

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  1. such lovely drawings. ur a wonderful artist. :)