Thursday, July 12, 2012

Europe days 12-19

I got back home last night, so here is the rest of our trip.

 Days 12,13,14: Two sea-days, Pompeii

 Nothing really happend on the sea days, other when I watched a U2 (I'm a big fan) concert on the pool deck and got sunburned (what? i had sunscreen on! the sun must hate me!) Pompeii was very hot. I personally didn't like it much because of the heat, and I have already seen multiple crumbling buildings on other tours.

 Days 15,16,17,18: Rome, Italy

 We went to the Coliseum, but it wasn't very interesting. But, then again, I've seen lots of crumbling buildings in the bast few days. Days 16 and 17 were mainly spent sleeping/drawing/reading/going on JC's tumbler. We were in Rome for the hottest days of the year so far. I threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, making a promise I would go back to rome. I wonder when that will be. It took my dad and his sisters 30 years! Today, day 18, we went to the Sistine Chapel. It is beautiful! Go, its worth the long lines (or extra pay), the heat, and the overflow of people to get in. So if you have the chance, go. after the chapel we left rome and drove to Lucca. I finally get ot meet my relatives! they are on Noni's side.

 Day 19: Lucca, Italy

 I met our family today! Well, only the side that lives in Lucca, but then we go to Ceva the day after tomorrow. Noni had set up times to meet some of the family before the dinner tonight (btw, I dont know how many of these people are related to me). Two of the three families we visited still own the properties that my great grandmother and great grandfather grew up on. *Family history: all of my great grandparents on my dads side came from Italy, my Noni's parents from Lucca and my Nono's parents from Ceva. Noni is a Barsotti, her mother was a Chelini. Both live in Lucca.* So first we met Pietro and Adelina B. We drove up to their house an they were standing just outside their door waiting for us. I had been waiting, like 14 and almost a half years to go to Italy and meet my family, so you can immagine how happy I was! When we went inside, Adelina pulled out a photo album. Most of it was filled with pictures of the last time Dad visited Italy, but in the back of the book, there were a few pages with pictures of me, OB, and Gino. We sat in the living room and talked for about twenty minuets, then Pietro showed us his backyard. It looks like our backyard! Probably because our yard was modeled after his. Ok. I was on a 21 hour flight last night, and I'm tired, so you will have to wait for the rest of day 19.

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  1. Yay, you saw the Sistine Chapel!! I would love to go to Rome someday. That's so cool that you have family in Italy and got to see them!