Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wrap up of summer

Wow! I've had a busy last month of summer!

We had family out in the beginning of August, and then again at the end of august. the time in between was spent creating an Ahsoka costume and planning stuff with the other TLF girls that were going.

(Ahsoka's lekku, my sunglasses, tea, and math book, and a whole bunch of sewing stuff)

One weekend we went up to our second house, and my brother had friends up so they could make a movie. I became the makeup artist. Actually, I'm not that bad in my opinion:
(bullet hole)

Not long after that weekend my cousins Torri and Elise visited with their parents. It was lots of fun seeing them again after so many years! The last time I saw them we were... about 4, maybe 3? It was really fun and I stayed at Grands house while they were here. While I was there I wrote the poems and drew the pics that are in the "Poems" post. I also found a picture I did when I was about 7 or 8, and re created it. Sorry, they're a little fuzzy.

Well, I think my artistic skills improved a lot after 6 years! I'm going to re-draw this picture again in a few years.

Well, after Torri and Elise left, we had about a week and then Mom's brother came into town for a few days. One day we made a family tree/photo album together with about a hundred old photographs going back to my great-great-grandparents (on my Grand's side, I think).

On Thursday, Aug. 23, my parents and I got up SUPER early (like at 4 am!) and drove to the local airport. Off to CVI!


  1. Cool, sounds like a lot of fun! And wow, that's a really good makeup job!

  2. Glad you had fun with your cousins! :D Your really good at doing make up for films- that is something you could go into. :) You are really good at drawing :D

  3. I literally thought the wound was real at first!