Monday, June 11, 2012

Graduation... and stuff

Adding "and stuff" to the end of a thought makes it feel like the thought is complete, but can still be added to. Yeah... that probably made no sense.

News in my life: I graduated from 8th grade!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to miss my class so much; I've known most of them for about 10 years (well, 12 out of 38, but close enough ;) ). On Thursday, Sierra, Blythe, Hayley and I went to a sand dune that people write stuff in sea weed on and wrote "Congrats 8th gr Cougars!" It was one of those days that you just have to scream "YOLO"to the world. Actually, after we finished, we stood on top of the sand dune and spelled out 'YOLO" with our arms. I was the "Y".

We listend to this about a million times while writing on the sand dune!

Friday was graduation. I got very sunburned, I should have been wearing sunblock! But in general the ceremony went well, except for that one time when Jordan said "There goes my future bride" when Veronica walked down to get her certificate. I was trying not to laugh, so I had to silently giggle until I couldn't breathe! I made it down the stairs with out tripping! Yay! 

Ok, let me just say, our school knows how to reward hard work. The graduating class gets a pool party, a awards lunch, the graduation mass and graduation, and then a dinner/ dance on the night of graduation. Oh, and we also get individually announced at the flag-lowering ceremony (which I sang a duet with my friend Marie). 

So then there was the dinner/dance. I sat at a table with Ben and his family, and Mrs. M, the head of middle school. She is such a nice person, I'm so sad she is retiring. Any who, we did the dance party and had dinner and stuff. Then was the hard part: saying goodbye.

I had never thought about how hard it was going to be to leave this school. I had been there from the time I was three, in pre-k, and am now graduating 10 years later, in 8th grade. Well, except for the four years I home schooled in 3-7th grade. Most of these people are like family to me (as in: we have no problem telling each other to shut up when needed). Its like... yeah... sad. 

So we all gathered together inside, and said good bye. I hugged just about everyone twice. And by the end I was crying. Everyone was, even some of the boys. Then Lauren started singing "My Wish", which we sang at graduation, and we all joined in. Then someone (I cant remember who) started singing "13", which we sang for our spring concert.

'My Wish'

I had a solo in it: "I'm becoming a woman/No one tells all the scared in-betweens/ just how we should be strong be good with so much pressure now" and a whole bunch of small parts.

Yeah, by the time I got home (which was relatively close to the location) my makeup was all over my face, and the only song I could listen to was:

"We are young"
It will always remind me of 8th grade.

Then there was Saturday and Sunday, and that brings us to today: Monday, June 11, 2012. The first official day of summer break and Syrena's thirteenth birthday! Happy birthday, Syrena!

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