Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Europe: Days 1-6 + Travel

As some of you know, I am on a Mediterranean cruise with my family. It's for my dad's mom's birthday. I wanted to post pictures, but because of the bad Wi-Fi, I have to wait until we get back home. The travel plan is: go to Venice for a few days, board the 12 day cruise which we get off of at Rome, then drive through Italy to Luca and Ceva to visit family. Then my Noni, Zia Linda, Zia Diane, Uncle DL and little cousin Gino will fly back to America, while my parents, brother and I will drive up to Lake Como where we will go to the Lake House where AOTC (So Excited!!!!!!) was filmed, then go to Switzerland where my mom lived for a while, then fly home. All of that will take about a month! I am going to copy my journal entries from the past few days.

Day 1: Venice

We arrived in Italy last night, some time around 7:30 (Italian time). We took a boat from the airport to Venice! It was so cool going on a taxi here, because, well... you don't have water taxied in the US, do you? Me on the taxi: :):):):):):):):);)!!!!!. Yeah, that's the best way I can put it.

Once arriving to the island area, we went straight to our hotel. Back home in the US, everyone wants the biggest room, the best room service, the newest TV, the softest bed etc. I'm not really expecting any of that, but I was not expecting what we got, either! There is a bridge, then a little store, then a sign with the Hotels name on it sticking out of the wall! The rooms wear tiny, but I loved it! I have a picture I will post when I get home, its totally non-American.

Day 2: Venice

We went to Morano to see glass blowing. Went on a gondola after dinner. Noni, Zia Diane, Zia Linda, Uncle DL, and Gino came late. I haven't seen them yet, but will tomorrow.

Day 3: Venice, then boarding boat

Again, we got up late. Ed walked around Venice, visited land marks, and went to lunch with Viviana and her mom (Viv was Zia Linda and Uncle DL's most recent exchange student). Before leaving Venice, I got a ask for my "Lady Vader" costume for CVI.

We boarded the boat we boarded the boat, and got totally lost on the wag to dinner. The buffet has SO much food! I'm going to have some of everything.

[no entry day 4; I didn't really do much but sleep]

Day 5: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Today Dad, OB (remember my little brother?) and I walked around Dubrovnik and went into a lot of churches/ monasteries (we found a weeping angel. Don't blink!), ate ice cream, bought stuff at the market, and felt like we were in an oven. There are days when modesty is nowhere near my top priority!

I loved Dubrovnik, it's a port city, so it's something I am comfortable with (we live on the ocean), and it's really pretty. If you have seen "The Prince of Prussia": if it weren't for the fact that most people were wearing their swimsuit, it could have easily made a market scene in the movie, it's loud, hot, and people are sitting on the walls playing music.

Day 6: Corfu, Greece

We took a bus up a mountain (the engine fan thing broke half way up!( and had lunch. Dads side of the family wasn't with us today. Now I'm siting on OB's couch-bed writing this.

Yep! That sums up my time here so far.

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  1. Holy smokes, girl - you're all over the place!

    Sounds like you're having lots of fun. Be sure to buy some souvenirs too ;)

    -Cad Bane