Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Europe Days 7-11 (haha! 7/11)

Day 7: Olympia, Greece

Olympia was awesome! Probably because we had a fantastic guide. He was really funny, and he brought everything to life. Greek food is amazing, especially fried cheese. If you ever go to greece, make sure to get the fried cheese pie. The outside is crisp, but the inside is soft and its almost completely melted.

When in the ancient city of Olympia, Dad, OB and I ran the original Olympic track!

Day 8: Athens, Greece

We went to the Parthenon. Actually, that's the only part of Athens I really recommend seeing. It is beautiful, and most of it is original. The city itself? The quality is like the dumpy parts of San Francisco, actually, probably worse. If you go to Athens, do the Parthanon and leave; there is not much more to see.

Day 9: Mykonos, Greece

Beach day! We didn't take any tours, just hung out on the beach. To most people was cold, but to me it was warm. Probably because the ocean where I live is FREEZING. Like, you don't have time to get used to the temperature before your legs cramp. While in the water I met Hanna, a girl on our ship, who likes "Star Wars"! Towards the end of the day, OB and Gino buried me and Hanna in the sand.

Day 10: Ephesus, Turkey

Turkey is amazing! You may be thinking "middle east, Muslim, oppression". That's not what it's like. Many of the women are getting educated, looking for jobs, and being threaded as equal. It is more if a western country.

It's really cool to be there, because Mary (Jesus's mom) is buried in Ephesus. She is one of my heroes, because she went though so much, and she was so pure she could be the mother of God!

I got a few comments on my eye color, I guess blue eyes are unusual in the middle east.

Day 11: Santorini, Greece

Today was quite an adventure! Our family (minus Mom and OB) did a tour of the volcanic island Santorini. First: wine tasting! Because we're not old enough to drink, Gino and I had smoothies. Then we went to a near by town which didn't that've much other than a church that was like a mini art museum.

Then we went to another town where we had lunch. I was going to have octopus, but had a gyro instead, and fried cheese for dessert (i cannot eat enough of that stuff).

Dad and I took the stairs to the port. All 598 of them! I rode a donkey the last 10%.

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  1. Your trip sounds really cool, Shaak Ti! It's fun to read your updates. Fried cheese sounds really good and that's so cool you got to go where Mary was buried!