Monday, March 23, 2015

10 Prompts #6: Dear Future Self...

Dear Future Self,

Don't re-read this until after you graduate high school/ are actually in college pls

the rest of my followers: carry on

I guess, since this is a public letter, I should write about what I hope to accomplish by the time I'm in my freshman year of college. (Also i hope you're doing well and that you enjoy life, wherever you're at :) )

Did you get into Stanford? Or are you going to Cal Poly? Were those still your top schools when you applied? 

Let's talk about clubs for a second- see what all you wanted to do.

For the art club, you're currently hoping to place in the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards with your poem "Who is your God?" and the drawing "Moonshadow". I hope you won! (Or I hope that I win... I'm not to good with this time-capsule thing lol) (Update: "Who is your God" got an honorable mention!) Drama club's been on a bit of a hiatus, though, because of the play, which was soooo much fun!!

Did everything go smoothly with taking over the Drama club? I bet you, Muriel, and Caleb had a lot of fun running that in your senior year! Right now we're coming up with scripts for the show (it's the weekend that I was sick, after being told to write the "Paul McCartney Marriage" skit... I bet that one will be a hit!)

Sooooo dating... are you still free or did you actually get past the whole "yes i would like to date but no, it's not actually going to do anything beneficial for me right now" mindset?

Because it's still not totally beneficial for me right now...

Careers? Do you know what you want to do? Are you still set on being an aeronautical engineer, or did you decide to pursue something else... maybe animation or fashion or another type of engineering. 

I hope you made it to your black belt by now (currently a blue). Are you still involved in the martial arts? Is it still so important to you? OH! Have you taken up kendo yet? I hope you found a good dojo near your university!

Well, good luck in life, with whatever you're doing right now :)

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