Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Prompts #5: What Do You Wish For The Most?

basically communism
I think, that most people, would say that they wish for peace when it really comes down to it. Why? Because "peace" means so much more than "we stop fighting". 

Generally, when "peace" is the answer, we envision world governments working together-people working together- to make ourselves and this world better. We imagine that the cure to every and all sickness is found. We envision happy families and successful people and no more hunger or poverty or untimely death and unnecessary sickness. A world where oppression is a thing of the past and everyone is free to learn. Education morphs from a privilege to an undeniable right (which is something that it should already be).

In a world of peace gender or race or past or future or family is not something that you can be judged on. Instead, you are viewed at face value for who you are, not who others want you to be. In this place, we are still as diverse as can be, but there is little tension. Opposing ideas are met with rational thought instead of heated emotion, government is run in the best way for each individual country, weather that be through democracy or dictatorship. People are not ashamed of - or shamed for - who they are, but instead thrive in a world where acceptance of differences is key.

Unfortunately, what I have just described is usually called a "utopia", and as we know from post-modern literature, a utopia generally falls to pieces because of corrupt officials. We cannot have a utopia because toxic people exist, and will never fail to exist. A perfect world is not a world. It is a state of mind, and to many ignorant people refuse to learn and change their mind. That is why, no matter how hard we wish, we will never have a perfect, peaceful world.

So I guess I really hope that I get into Stanford and become very successful so that I can do my part in 7,000,000,000 parts to make this place better.


  1. While I do wish for world peace, I do realize it's nearly impossible. As the Sith say, "Peace is a lie."
    Because often peace is only an illusion. It's likely there are other people suffering for the sake of our "peace", all their pleas for mercy silenced to keep the "peace" intact.
    It did happen to my country once. Well, sort of. It eventually ended in chaos.
    (okay, what the kriff did I just blabber about? Ignore, ignore, move along...)

    Eeshh, I blame my eccentric history teacher for this. She's a fairly active historian as well, so she keeps uncovering secrets of my country (I admire her for that). Some of them were rather.. dark.

    1. I would love for world peace to be a thing! And i think that we could achieve it on a more general level- like no war for a period of time- but there can't be a perfect peace :/
      What happened in your country? American schools are very America/England oriented, so most study of other countries is either because we fought a war with them, or because America wasn't a thing yet .

      No i totally feel... my history teacher is really great and is always telling us the facts, and i'm really glad he does, because at most other schools (especially public schools), teachers can't/don't do that