Tuesday, November 11, 2014

look who's not dead

hey there

so yeah.... i guess i've been gone for a while now, but life has been busy.

-three clubs
-two honors courses
- one college level italian course

and a partridge in a pear tree (no seriously we have a pear tree that we used to put a fake partridge in... i wonder where that little bird got to)

i guess it's that time of year again, "currently" and "life update" posts taking over my dash, all with the customary "sorry i've been gone for so long"

it's totally fine, dude, i feel ya
this is the first time i've gotten on blogger in over a month and i'm only on now because i'm sick and avoiding homework.

ok, enough ranting. i have stuff to say

-my hair is now red (a natural copper tone, like amy pond)
-i'm submitting to the Scholastic Arts and Writing
-i have a job (tutoring the third grader across the street)
-i finished Stargate
-i went to Kraken Con (if i ever find the time i'll post about that)
-korra is literally my life my entire week is "oh thank god just __ more days till korra"

oh and i saw big hero 6 and it was amazing

hope y'all are doing well

see you next time (and i'm going to re-do my blog a bit now)


  1. Love the pictures!
    I want to see Big Hero 6 SO bad!!!!
    Its nice to hear from you :)

    1. Thanks! And Big Hero 6 is AWESOME! (and yes i totally cried in it... why do i keep crying in all the kids movies? lol)

  2. Glad you are having fun with life and fandoms! :) The Con looks like a lot of fun! :D And yes, Korra has been great this season! :)

    1. It was! And i'm super excited for tomorrow's episode of Korra!