Thursday, November 13, 2014

About Me and About Fashion Pt. 1

As you may or may not know, for the past year or so my taste in fashion has actually become more than "mens size nerd tee + jeans + makeup that is just to fab for the outfit" (though that's still my staple look lol). Heck, I joined the new fashion club at school and will be writing a section in the newsletter about fashion subcultures!

So, my own quick personal history in fashion:

I loved it as a kid. I drew all sorts of amazing outfits and my parents were pretty sure that I'd grow up to be a designer. I loved to play dress-up (what little girl doesn't?), thoroughly enjoyed theater, would have little "fashion shows" with my friends... oh what joyous memories! I even made dresses for my dolls!
Here's a drawing from when I was about 6.
You can see my 14yr old re-do here
Then I went through the tom-boy phase. You know the one... reject everything feminine to appear "cool" and unlike other girls... i have only one thing to say to that...
But, me being me, and artist and a lover of fashion at heart, it didn't last long... unfortunately the ending of my tom-boy phase led straight into my "when I was 12" era... oh what dark times those were :p

I listened to a strange mix of Christian pop and Christian metal... I cut my hair short (super, super short), wore a heck of a lot of purple (it is my favorite color so it made up 90% of my closet back then), but, again, had no sense of style. It was pretty sad. 

Fortunately, I survived that first half 8th grade with horrible taste, but when I turned 14, I realized that I needed to get my act together. I got some new clothes, let my hair grow out long (i had been keeping it shoulder length most of the year) and learned how to properly style hair and use mascara.

 It was that summer after 8th grade, though, when things got oh so much better. I went to Europe, and had no time or need for makeup or fashion. When we returned, I went shopping with some cousins and got my first eyeliner (can you believe that I learned how to do eyeliner with black liquid?) and some lipgloss. I also bought a dress that was nice/casual, because I didn't own any casual dresses. 

600 steps my dad and i walked down in Greece
Next came two months of me working on my CVI cosplay, Ahsoka.Through the cosplay process I learned about makeup and fashion in general. (Fun fact: 80% of my makeup skills are modified from what I learned in cosplay. That's why a)my makeup skills are hella rad and b)my eye makeup is always pretty heavy). 

That all led into my 9th grade year, when I owned a good supply of Star Wars shirts, leather boots, eyeshadow pallets, and eyeliner. I also started painting my nails every week (school didn't allow it in 8th grade) and wore my leather jacket almost every day. I cut my hair short again and had a "fashion revival". 

I still wear my leather jacket every day tbh...

Part 2 Coming soon!


  1. You inspire me, I'm slowly trying to evolve from my nerd-shirt-and-jeans style and learn to do makeup better. :P Really cool post!

    1. Aww thanks! If you need makeup ideas/tips, The Beauty Department ( has been a huge help for me!

  2. Thanks, I will look into that!