Friday, August 15, 2014

*sigh* (not so much of a sigh any more)

Back to school it is, then.

I think August 5 is too early, but it's not like i can change anything. so yep. schooooollllllll

i'm going back to the same school i went to last year, by the way. there was a lot of debate of if i was actually going back, and it looks like i am. i hope that it works out.

i guess i shouldn't be so picky. its just hard, after being in such a strange schooling situation, to really adjust. if you didn't know, i went to a very... hard core? rigorous? demanding? school from pre-k to third grade, then went back in 8th grade. Even when I was homeschooled (4-7 and 9th), my family kept the same standard of academic excellence while I was homeschooled.

Last year TC (the school i go to now) wasn't exactly... level with my previous standards. Students could not hand in homework and get away with it.


(I wrote all of that a few days before starting back up- didn't have time to post it. here we are at the end of week 2 and, wow, things have changed!)

Well, as I said THINGS. HAVE. CANGED!

And I think I'm probably the only person in the world who can be so excited about something like this. (For a little background, I'm ENTJ...)

Last year, I would get so frustrated because people would not do/turn in their homework. Students would yell out in the middle of class the score they're getting on the video game they were playing. Disrespecting teachers was too common.

It was awful (remember- I was at that one school and then homeschooled. I didn't have to deal with things like that. Failing to turn in homework and disrupting class has always been punished in my world).

On the first day of school, there was an announcement. Apparently, the whole  "student's aren't turning homework" thing wasn't working for the school. They decided that academic standards needed to be raised.

pretty much me when they said "Academic standards need to be raised"
So now there are much stricter rules and punishments and stuff for people who disrupt class and fail to turn in their homework and stuff! Some things are a little extreme, but, whatever, i won't have to continuously watch people slack off all year, so I'm not complaining :)

I also have really great classes/teachers this year! I have two of the academic advisers to the school as my math and english teachers, I have the same history teacher as last year (he's pretty awesome) and finally....

i needed an excuse to use this. don't judge me
I got into honors chemistry (I'm assuming. they haven't kicked me out yet lol) and the teacher is doing a very lab-based curriculum! He's a pretty good teacher so far :) I'm kind of sad that Anna isn't going to school with me anymore... she was my science buddy xD haha we had so much fun, i'm going to miss her soooo much when she moves :'(

That's off topic...

But yeah, I'm also the vice pres. of the art club, and the costumer for the drama club! I'm really excited!

It looks like my junior year is going to be pretty great :D

(Also, here is a wonderful line from my Girls Bible/Contemp. Issues teacher who got married last year: "You should all come to the beach party! Then you can meet my husband and see how hot he is!!" lol!)

Fun Fact:
it will be another 873 years (or so) before we have another August with 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays

we live in some pretty rad times



  1. Wow. You had to go back on the 5th! I'm complaing(on the inside) about having to go back in 2 weeks. I know! Disrespectful kids always made school horrible for me. Some of us actually like to learn! I liked the fun fact. We do live in rad times! :D

    P.S LOVE the SCIENCE Gif!! :D

    1. Haha, going back to school is always a drag, but usually fun when we finally get back in the swing of things xD

    2. Yeah, I know. I can't wait until the middle of the semester when I finally have enough time to relax and read(or spend time online) on the weekends without worrying about assignments.

  2. Glad to hear school will be a bit better now! Hope this year goes well for you. Being the vice president for the art club and the costumer for the drama club sounds perfect for you!