Sunday, December 22, 2013


Here she is, Miss Suki (or so we are calling her for now (fandom names FTW!)  She's a cutie, and loves to explore :)

So I feel like doing a short history on my pets... My parents got a grey cat before I was born and named her Kula. Later, she had 4 boys and my parents never gave any of them away. They were Jag, Mekena, Smudge, and Kai. Mekenna was my cat. When Kula died, we got another grey kitten and called her Little Grey, but she ran away. Um... well, over the past 15 years they have all passed away, Smudge being the most recent- last spring. Having been raised with 5 cats, I had no clue how to function without one, so finally having a cat again is amazing!

Yep. Cats.

Also I'm taking Italian online.

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