Tuesday, December 31, 2013

November and December Art 2013

Wow, I can't believe the year is already over! It's been a good year, especially in art. I feel that I have really improved, and hope to get even better next year!

Well, here's the last art entry of the year!

Many Faces

Lost Tail/Agony

Sif Cosplay


Royai Painting

"Let it Go"

Pacific Rim: The Entire Plot

Hazel Lavesque

bby Royai

Azula Cosplay

 I cleaned my room! Here's a picture of my cork board

 (My CVI passes, Ahsoka Padawan Braid, and some other random things)

Grand (my Mom's mom) gave me a bracelet for Christmas. It is probably one of the best gifts I've ever received (I wrote this down right after getting it):
I received the most amazing gift today. Here's what happened: one of the last few gifts under the tree. It as a small box, it looked something like jewelry. I looked at the card, it was from Grand. Under the wrapping was a magnet that said "anyone can be cool, being awesome takes practice". Under the magnet was a Macy's jewelry box. Inside was a silver bracelet "hmm cute" I take it out to get a bit of a better look. It seems to say joy on it. 
"Do you like it? It says Ivy on it. There's a story behind it... Larry Strickland, a friend of mine in highschool gave it to me. A few weeks later, he died in a car crash. I figured since I don't really have any use for it any more, I'd pass it on to you."
Of corse I like it! The history behind it makes me like it 10 times more.

I hope you all have a fun (and safe!) New Years Eve, and I'll see you next year!


  1. Nice artwork!!! :D
    Awwww, that's a neat gift. ^^


  2. Nice! :)
    I really like the 'Many Places' and Sif cosplay.