Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas season!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! I went over to help my Uncle make dinner, and I learned quite a bit, it was really fun! Here are some pictures of our huge Thanksgiving feast :)

I made the yellow squashes, Dad made the green ones. They were really good!

Onion rings!

Jenna and Darby want the whipped cream...

Ham! Yay! It was sooooooo good

Turkey! Meh! Lol I don't really like turkey, but I ate some, of corse. 

So much food! This isn't even all of it!

Beautiful sunset from the porch

 After dinner my brother, Gino, the two exchange students and I went to feed the neighbors horse. Yep.

And now that Thanksgiving is over....

I leave you with the most amazing Christmas song ever

Merry Christmas!

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