Saturday, November 17, 2012

What i've been up to...

What's happend since I left off:

  • I went to CVI (you can read about it On Graces blog, because I'm just to lazy to really write about it). Besides, she does a better job than I ever would! Maybe I'll copy my journal entries for it, but not today. My Ahsoka costume worked out, but the headdress was 4lbs!  Meeting my Lakehouse sisters was awesome! It was the best weekend of my summer, and all of the girls are just so amazing and beautiful and awesome!!!!!!! It was like we had known each other our whole lives!  
My beautiful sisters! 

  • I started high school... I really wish there wasn't so much homework involved. 
  • I continued to do high school
  • I swear I will kill something if I have to do more high school
that sums up my life. Hogh school, high schoool, high school. 

OH! I finished watching Captain America this morning! *dies of feels* PEGGYSTEVEWHY!
Season 7 of Doctor Who started! I cried. PEGGYSTEVEAMYRORYWHY!

I am done shipping canon ships. It never ends well. So I shall happily go on shipping Zutara!

Ok, well I have do go do more school... MTFBWY!

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