Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sick day... And what to do

Wow! Two posts in two days, don't expect this again :)
But I'm sick, so I figured "hey, why not do a post on all of my tips for sick days?" So here it is.
Avoid getting sick:
It's winter, its cold, and sickness spreads a lot easier. Why? One reason is school, sharing a class room with a good fifteen to twenty other people is a good way to spread germs. It's like a chain reaction thing, one person gets sick, they get someone else sick, and so on.
So how do you avoid this? Don't quit school, that's not the point. Do the basic things you are taught as a child: wash your hands, sneeze into your elbow, and do everyone else a favor and stay home if you feel something coming on. Take vitamins and eating healthy helps. Just ask your mom, she'll have a good sized list on this type of stuff.
Being sick
Different sicknesses are, well, different! But one basic thing is to visit he doctor if its really bad. I have has strep about 8 times so I know right away if I have it. Try and identify what you have right away. The longer you wait to go to the Dr., the worse it could get. This is something you don't want to put off! If you have been sick for three days, and you are suddenly worse, GO! It may be that your body is making a big push to kick out the invasion, but it could be something that you need antibiotics for. Better safe than sorry.
If your really congested, you will probably get a sore throat and headache. Fun, right? Some things that help are Viks Vapor. It really helps, especially if you put it on your feet (I have no Idea why it works, but it does), or putting your face over hot water (for the steam). A hot shower works the same. Put some cyanne pepper in your soup or oatmeal or whatever you happen to eat, that stuff is like the miracle cure!
Have a stomach ache? This can be a predicessor to lots of major sicknesses, so you don't want to put off going to the doctor. I speak from personal experience: one time I had strep, the other time it was semonela (no idea how to spell it).
Head ache? I have nothing to tell you. I have never had a headache unless its from congestion.
But a very important thing to remember is STAY HIDRATED!
Here's the thing, thee is no chance that you will be thinking 100% clear when you're sick. Don't attempt to write a report for English, or catch up on any homework on the first day. If you have reading or something easy, go ahead. But any work that you do will be crappy. Wait until you are feeling better to do anything hard-core.
Don't watch any really depressing/dramatic/action movies or TV shows. I'm a HUGE Doctor Who fan, but that is probably the last thing that I would suggest to watch if you're sick. Watch something light and funny. Keep a box of movies and shows to watch when you're sick. When I was younger, my parents didn't let me watch a lot of the Disney Chanel shows, unless I was sick. Laughter is the best medicine! My personal "sick day favorites" are The Brady Bunch and iCarly. If there is a particular show that you want to watch, but it tends to be dark, find a funny episode.
Books. I love to read, and have spent he majority of my day reading The Half Blood there is nothing better than a good book to keep you company! Have something that you enjoy doing easily accessable, so you don't have to search all over the house for your 3H pencil so you can finish you drawing. Have a playlist on your iPod with good music that's not to fast, but not depressing. Sometimes it can be hard to sleep when you're sick, so have a movie readily avalible, too. My personal favorite for this is The Incredables. It's not too involved, but it has an enjoyable plot.
Finally, don't forget to excrsise some! Take a short walk, do a few pushups or something. Don't over-exert yourself or anything, just get the blood flowing. It really helps.
Ok, well, just random things about being sick. Ciao!

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