Tuesday, February 25, 2014


A "Doctor Who" one shot
By Shaak Ti

This FanFic takes place not long after the events of "Angels Take Manhatten". I was having an overload of feels from Amy and Rory leaving, so I write this. Found it in my Google Drive and decided to post it (sometime my drive feels more like a buried treasure than a bunch of old papers/random stuff :p)

It had been three days since Amy and Rory had been taken away from him. Three long, sad days. There was no life to the TARDIS anymore, without his companions. River needed to be dropped off at some rich lady's ball in the 1700's, so there was no comfort to be found in her. No, it was just him. The last time lord, the lonely mad man with a box. "The raggedy Doctor", he heard the name in Amy's voice and it brought tears to his eyes. It was time. Time to add the Girl Who Waited and the Last Centurion to the room of companions.

The Doctor groaned as he stood. He must have been sitting on that bench for hours, or maybe just a few minutes. It was hard to tell, being lost in thought like that. He walked through one of the TARDIS's many maze-like corridors, ending at an ornate wooden door. With heavy hearts he grasped the cool brass knob and opened it. There he stood, taking in everything. It wasn't often that he went into this room that was thick with memories, losses, and a little glimmer of happiness. He grabbed a large frame out of a small closet to the right of the door. This will do.

Much time (or no time at all? You never really can tell in the TARDIS) later the frame was filled with wonderful pictures of Rory, Amy, River and the Doctor. He hung the picture on an empty space on the wall. It was funny, only when he lost the companion was there room for one more picture.

He stepped back and admired his work, sadness again clutching it's cold fist around his hearts. Then he looked to the corner of his eye, as he had told Amy to do some time close to 100 years ago. That was a big mistake. There she was, smiling with that beautiful smile of hers, wearing a pink 1950's dress, holding onto the Doctor as they parked for a quick picture on the Queens coronation day.


That was it. He couldn't take any more. The tears were few, and they fell without a sound. Oh, Rose, I'm so, so sorry. I... His thoughts were cut short, as he picked up a dead rose lying on the floor. Attached to it was a note that he had written long ago.


Oh my dear Rose, I am so sorry. If I could go back in time and change what happened, I would. But I can't. You understand why, don't you? I have the most powerful time traveling device ever, and I can't get you back. Seems rather silly, doesn't it? I only wish I could see you one more time. I don't know why I'm writing this, I know you'll never receive it. But I love you, Rose. I really, really do.

-The Doctor

He put the note back down and then noticed that the back had been written on, too. That's funny, I don't remember writing on the back...

Dear Doctor,
I doubt you will ever receive this, but who knows. It may cross galaxy's and parallel universes to end at you psychic paper. I hope it does. The date here is July 8, 2007. Exactly one year after I got stuck here. I don't blame you, Doctor, I really don't. Mickey, or Ricky as he goes by now, got married last week. I was one of the bridesmaids. Mum and Dad are doing great, but I miss you. I miss you alot.


PS. Here I am, 3 years later. I found this note in a drawer, and on the back there was a note from you. I hope you got this. And you know what has happened in between. Go, fly off in your blue box and save the galaxy. Do it for me.

"I love you too," he whispered. And off he went to fulfill Roses request to save the stars, and Amy's: to find a new companion.

And the Raggedy Doctor always kept them close to his hearts.

What's funny is that there was a room similar to the one I described in a later episode of DW, the one when Clara found the heart of the TARDIS or whatever. Yep.

I'll try to have my art up this weekend, but life is crazy busy right now, so I have a few scheduled posts (art, another creative writing assignment I found... things like that). I have my b-day party this weekend (so excited!) and then the load in for the play. Next week will be full of extra rehearsals, and then, on the 6th, 7th, and 8th, we have our actual performances. I'm so excited!

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