Sunday, February 24, 2013

Skiing-Day one: the drive

So, like every year, our family uses our February break to go skiing. Today we are taking the looong drive to Tahoe; I actually love the drive up, because we get to see so much of California and how beautiful it is. My brother and I always watch The Phantom Menace part of the way.

;About an hour and a half from where we live there's this HUGE resivuior, and it's absolutely beautiful!

Right now I'm typing this on my phone I the back seat. We left Wendy's about 30 minutes ago with our takeout food. Oh! The lady at the register was named Wendy! So we went to Wendy's and got served by Wendy.

After we left Wendy's we passed a beautiful orchard of cherry trees that are in bloom. Well, there's not a whole bunch of interesting stuff that happens during a car ride, so I'll just post any more pictures I take along the way.
So... We finished TPM, and now were watching I Love Lucy. I'm keeping a look out for signs of snow, but it'll probably be a few hours before I see any.
AND WE SEE SNOW BARELY 20 MINUTES LATER, YAY! It's funny how its warmer here right now (55F) than it normally is at home (48F). Well, its going to be a while before we actually get there, its only 3:20 right now. Never mind, Dad said 45 minutes.
So we are back on the road after a quick stop to get some water. Lots more snow! We're listening to U2. Um... yeah, I'm a little bored, that's why I'm rambling. Um... So Lord of the Rings. When rose were in Switzerland this summer I felt like I wa living in the Shire! Oh, there was snow on the Alps, so we got to have fun with that. I'm really excited to go skiing. Maybe I'll bring my phone up with me for pictures.
4:30, still droving, 38F =D I love he cold! I hope we get there soon, I'm hungry!
5:20, we have arrived! Unfortunatly we may be changing rooms, but we're not sure. Well, I guess the new room would have a better view than we have now: a parking lot.
I'm really excited for skiing tomorrow!

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