Sunday, February 10, 2013

January Art~ My Version of 365

Like I said before, I'm not a photographer. I like to take pictures, yes, and I love to be in pictures, too. Photography is a quick way to capture exactly how things are, but to take a good picture? That's a whole unique art form. I prefer drawing and painting, so I've modified "Project 365"to fit drawing and painting. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to finish a piece quickly. I've tried to get in at least 20 minutes a day, and to complete 5 entire pictures in a month.

I do not own Narnis, Doctor Who, Star Wars, or X-Men, though I wish I did.
All of the pictures belong to me, don't steal them as your own.

Polly Meets Digory
    Fan art from "The Magicians Nephew". I figure that they are probably 13/14 when they meet, because a) they only go to Narnia once, and b) lets assume this is a few years before 1900: the ages would match up. So I had fun with this piece. Yeah, I know, no background, butIi didn't feel like distracting from them.
    Jan. 1~ 9:00-9:25, Jan. 2~ 1:40-1:57, Jan. 4~ 9:52-10:12, Jan. 5~ 8:10-9:07

Mutant and Proud... Maybe
So here's Mystique, and she's not to sure of what she want's to be. If I were her, I would be having waaaaay to much fun pranking people. Maybe that's why I'm not her.
Jan. 9~ 8:45-10:30 pm

Color Eye
I'm just fascinated with eyes. I couldn't decide how to color it, so it got a little bit of everything
Jan 10~ 8:50-9:10 pm Jan.11~ 9:31-10:08 
Mutant and Proud... Maybe Digital Copy
So this year I also want to improve my digital art skills, so I'm going to copy some of my pictures on Manga Studio. I'll upload the hand drawn picture later.
Jan. 12/ Jan?        1.5 hours total
3D Hand
I found a tutorial for this somewhere on Tumblr, I wish I saved the source. It's really just a fun exercise in shading. 
Jan. 13~ 3:02-4:41
11 in Summary
     Who doesn't love Eleven and his crazy taste in fashion. As in he thinks a bow tie and fez goes with everything. Sorry, the scanner cut off the top, it was just a Dalek head and *spoiler* Amy/Rory's tomb stone. So, we have River, a weeping angel, the Silence on the side (that was also cut off), the TARDIS (aka Sexy) Rory and Amy, the cubes down in the corner and, of corse, a bow tie.
Jan. 16~ 9:44-10:50
10 in a Summary
    Oh, Ten, he had so many adventures (Whoops, Rose's head got cut off, she's sitting on the "A" and holding a rose). Well, we've got Donna in her flapper get up, another weeping angel, Rose, the Face of Bo, Martha, the Journal of Impossible Things and a pocket watch, Lady Cassandra ("Moisturize me, Moisturize me!"), the Vashta Nerada, and his favorite phrase: Allons-y.
Jan. 19~ 9:55-10:22 Jan. 20~ 10:14-10:49
Shaak Ti
If it's not obvious why I drew her, then you obviously don't know who I really am ;)
Jan. 20~ 8:45-9:37 Jan. 22~ 9:42-10:05 23/24~ I can't remember what times Jan. 25~ 11:11-11:27

*The Picture I won't upload because it's awful.*  Jan. 26~ 10:00- 10:30 pm

Ring Lost In Forest Floor
So I used a prompt from here. It was "Brown Leaves + Something Silver"It's not done yet. I'll finish it by the end  of the month, though.
Jan. 27~ 8:15-9:45 pm

[Quartermaster] Older/Marriage
I was doodling and I realized that she looked a bit like Quartermaster, so it turned into an older version of her getting married. Who to? I have no idea.
Jan. 31~9:20-10:30 pm

 So, yep. Most of my January pictures. Some I didn't upload because a) it didn't fit in the scanner, b) they weren't worth showing or c) I can't remember where I put it.

So, and feed back on what I've done? I'd like to hear what you think I can do to improve my art. Unfortunately  I'm not in any art class right now, so I have no teacher to talk to, just other artists. But that still counts :)

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