Sunday, October 30, 2011

What was I thinking!!!

Obviously, I wasn't.

So I'm being Hera for Halloween. I was, anyways. Well, I never had time to sew on selves to hold up the dress when I'm at school, so I decided to go as a Barbie. Yeah, real creative. But then... this is crazy... I decide to be a ninja Barbie. Not just any barbie, but a ninja barbie. This will be the absolute weirdest Halloween costume i have ever had. I think I will just buy my costume next year. =)

Hope you all have a happy Halloween! With lots of candy and fun, and friends and candy!

<3 Shaak Ti


  1. That actually sounds pretty cool! Have fun!

  2. In the end I just ended up being purple. Purple clothes, purple makeup, and purple bracelets. I love purple!