Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just Dance

     I am a horrible dancer, but who cares? After  couple of songs I don't do to bad. I had fun with my friends, and even got asked to dance, twice! (Actually, 3 times, but I never wanted to dance with Richard)                                                                                                                                               

   So I, with a few friends, went to Miley's house to get ready. We did eachothers makeup, hair, and were just being crazy. Vicky even curled my hair for me! I wore a zig-zaggy blue/purple/white shirt-dress thing with black leggings and black flats. The theme was "A toutch of Halloween", so I wore a huge feather in my hair.  

    When the first slow song played, Graison asked me do dance. I totally knew he would ask me. In the past two/ three months, we have become prety good friends. I don't remember what song it was, we were having to much fun to wory about that.

Then we all danced for a while like crazy people.

Moves Like Jagger


Born this way

Bad Romance

     So after dancing to these songs and much, much more, Richard asked me to dance. I also knew that he would ask me, but I was hoping he wouldn't. And, of coarse, he asked me to dance during Halo. Same thing as last year. Yuck. The song is way to long, especially when dancing with someone you DO NOT want to dance with.  

     Listen, and imagine dancing to this with someone you don't realy like:


Yep, not fun at all.

So then we danced more (I just realised that I say "So" a lot =) sorry ). Um... Oh yeah, so Grayson does this crazy, spaztic robot/random/ballet/break dance thing. It's really funny.

And then.... this almost shoked me to death (well, not that much, but you get the point)... Forrest asked me to dance. I was like "O.o what? Really? Sure." It was during 'Chasing Cars'. I have a long history with that song. A sort of sad one.

Chasing Cars

Forrest, one of the most annoying boys in the class, asked me to dance with him. He is annoying, but I don't hate him. I'm not going to say that "I never dreamed that he would ask me", because that would be a flat out lie. In fact *blushes* I sorta-kinda wanted him to ask me. I don't know why! Don't ask me! (Also,we a required to say yes.)oh, and its not like I want to marry him. yuck.

I asked the DJ to play 'City on our Knees' by TobyMac, an she did! Paige, Jen, and I were probably the only people who knew it though.

City on our Knees

So that is how the dance went.

God bless!


  1. sounds like fun. haven't been to one in years. love the new song from maroon 5. hope to get there cd for christmas. :)

  2. oh also check out the music vid to moves like jagger. it's sort of funny. :)