Sunday, April 17, 2016

Let's Forget Those Empty Promises (Goodbye)

I suppose I just disappeared for some of you. That internet friend who slowly peters out and you hope it's a full, busy life that pulls them away and not something... worse. 

I've had internet friends like that, you know. The one's that never logged back on, with no explanation of where they were going or when they'd be back. Others posted their last goodbye and sent their contact information to a precious few. Others mentioned that they may move on, but it took months before they finally made their departure.

I feel rather like that first one I mentioned. I left without a warning. Heck, I left with promises of new posts and cosplay instructions to come. Did I disappoint any of you? Maybe. Probably not tbh

I guess I got caught up in life. School, illness, traveling, school, conventions, traveling, SCHOOL. SO. MUCH. SCHOOL. so much. So, yes, I got caught up in living life opposed to writing about it. 

Unfortunately, I can say the main reason I disappeared was because I lost my joy in blogging. It was something I had so much fun with, but eventually it felt like a chore instead of a hobby. So I dropped it. 

Actually, looking back, it makes perfect sense that that would happen. After a couple of cases of bronchitis I made a vow to live life fully. For a while, blogging was a part of that. I guess, in a weird sense, I found a small sense of purpose in blogging, and I used it as an outlet to pour all of that excess "I'm living in the moment" feelings into. That wasn't bad- it's just not relevant to me anymore.

So this is my formal, explained goodbye to blogger. I honestly don't think that I'll be coming back onto this blog any time soon to post, but I won't be deleting it. No, there's too many memories on here for that. And I'll log in occasionally to check in on everyone. I loved that part of blogging- the community. 

I'm not done blogging for good. I'm starting on an art blog, actually. On worpress. Like a lot of my past blogger buddies, I'm switching platforms because it's a bit easier and has wayyyy more options.

If you want to keep in contact or anything just comment, but I think I'm friends with half of you on facebook already lol

Ok, byeeeee it's been nice being here, thanks for the awesome times!

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  1. Lovely post, have loved your blog and glad you will be continuing elsewhere :) <3